January 14th, 2011

DP bunny!

Twitterific Fun and Linkage Spamination!

First, because we here at Foresthouse Central can't bear to leave you hanging...

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And while we're here:

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In other, very exciting news, wonderful Marvel and Deadpool artist and Nice Dude Reilly Brown has donated an original Deadpool drawing to the charity auction for my eye surgeries. It is So. Awesome. <3 The auction runs until January 20. Check it out!

AND don't forget, most of the other current auctions end tomorrow at noon! LOTS of cool stuff!!


But only the topmost bestest linkspamination today!

--> Hear the Cybraphon's first song (see Bono-related Twitter link above for what the Cybraphon is).

--> Don't forget to laugh with Kevin at his Straight Guy Reviews of Bad Romance Novels, Part V of which just went up. Not only is it funny stuff, but Kevin's reactions to reading his first romance novel ever also are food for some good thoughts and discussions re: the genre in general and the perceived gender roles/norms/desires that are expressed through it. Crap, did I just make something awesome sound a bit dry and boring and like a college class? I didn't mean to! READ THEM THEY'RE FUNNY.

--> Everybody panic, you're no longer a [Pisces] [Libra] [Whatever You Are] and must now learn to accept that all the horoscopes you ever read were wrong! Even the one where you were going to win the lottery. Especially if you're actually an Ophiuchus now, which I can't even spell reliably yet.

*^$@ that noise, I was born a Pisces and I'm gonna stay one 'til the day I die.

...OH WAIT. Aquarii get to use the excuse that their horoscope calls them "eccentrics"?? It's like a Free Pass For Life to all the weird stuff I've ever said or done. I'LL TAKE IT.

...But...wait...I LIKE the two-fish-circling-each-other symbol. Also: water.

*&$%^@!! I'm so conflicted.

...No, no I'm not. PISCES FOREVER!!! *burns Aquarius flag*

P.S. YES, particle_person, Pluto is still a planet. FOREVER.

--> First Look at Chris Evans at Captain America. I approve of the costume! Also I like Chris Evans; he was the best part of Fantastic Four, except for all the scenes with Ioan Gruffudd, who is smokin'. But seriously: funny guy, good delivery, good looks (very!); looking forward to seeing what he does with Cap.

--> Han Solo's in Firefly?! Yes, yes he is, and it is awesome. Oh, Nathan Fillion and Firefly folks, I <3 you so.

--> How To Make Your (Online) Shopping Cart Suck Less

Just because: hee!