September 27th, 2010

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"Hey look, it's Mark Sheppard!"

This is pretty much what I end up saying at least once while watching episodes of a favorite show. Why is that? Well, because Mark Sheppard shows up sooner or later on pretty much every show I watch. I first caught him during his memorable performances as Badger in Firefly (I do love the character), and since then, he's shown up in Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, White Collar, Chuck, Warehouse 13, and Supernatural (I enjoy him as the demon Crowley).

Strangely enough, he often plays a bad or at least shady guy on these shows, but he always manages to make the characters unique. I guess that's why he's become my favorite (what would you call it, B list?) random TV actor. I'd actually really like to see him be a main character on a big network show for a whole season or more one of these days, too, although he does seem to be getting gradually bigger parts, like in Supernatural and Warehouse 13.

But can we talk about Warehouse 13 for a minute?

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You know what would be really cool, actually? Mark Sheppard in one of the Discworld movies. I guarantee they could find a part for him, and I'd love like candy to see him play a character in Terry's world. Granted, I haven't figured out quite which one yet, but I'm sure if I sit down with it long enough, I can figure it out.

...And just while typing that, I had a thought: Wouldn't Mark Sheppard make a fun Doctor Hix? I mean, come on - it's in the job description for the Doctor to be slightly evil! It's a perfect fit!

I hope it happens. :D

(P.S. I wrote this before watching the latest ep of WH13, btw.)