September 16th, 2010

asskicking boots

As the icon says: putting on my asskicking boots...

...and kicking the ass of all the dust and whatnot in my apartment, before I decorate the hell out of it. Bedroom: clean. Flowers: arranged. Now, for the rest of it.


We went to the grocery tonight and now I *have* everything. I just...need to get it all cleaned and properly in place and oh yeah, cooked (tomorrow and Saturday). Most of it's really simple, but there is the deviled egg-making and the frying of chicken to be done. I was totally going to carve a watermelon baby carriage, but we could *not* find any melons big enough. That's what Kelly gets for having her babies be due in December!

Anyway, it's all going to look grand, I SWEAR, even if right now it looks like a hurricane.

...There might be pictures. *g*