March 19th, 2010

DP bunny!

A Post Guaranteed to Keep You Occupied Although Maybe Not Productively Who Knows

OK, so I have been really a) busy; and b) tired for the last few weeks, not to mention I hurt my back and thus have had ow ow ow pain and also missed some work and now am trying to jam in make-up hours between stuff I already had planned and actually having A LITTLE pain-free free time. So.

In the last few weeks I have accumulated, like, a bazillion interesting or cool links, that I meant to post in an actual nice linkspam post, but y'all? I am tired. And lazy. So you know what I'm going to do? Just put them all here. WHAM. Here they all are, every single link that was interesting enough for me to save in the last few weeks. With none of that nice italicized quoting or explanatory titling or categorical organization or crediting of sources at all. And only the occasional explanatory comment. But still definitely worth checking out! Think of it as a smorgasbord. With the occasional link that might be the equivalent of the weird-looking globby dish in the back. But hey: YOU'LL NEVER KNOW IF IT'S GOOD UNTIL YOU TRY IT.

So have at it! (I want to try these) (I want to try this too) (Because K-Stew has NEVER looked so cheerful before. Also: finger guns.) (This article has renewed my interest in La Dunst. Also: GORGEOUS pics.) (haha WANT TO WATCH) (for March Madness scores) (want to visit while in NYC) (Questions for Matt Fraction, writer of Invincible Iron Man? Ask here. I <3 Fraction.) (Terry! Pratchett! News! Is always fun.) (New show from Man of Action, which includes the ever-awesome Joe! Kelly! who is much beloved in this-here journal for his 33 issues of Deadpool back in the day. <3) (Heee.) (Songs, demos, and podcasts from Matthew Good. WOO.) (AHAHA.) (Oh dear. Sympathy pain!) (SO AWESOME WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT.)

AGAIN (I don't care that I've linked this at least twice before and it's very old news - it never stops being funny for me (see also the 2 follow-up reviews)) (Although American Psycho isn't unsung, yo.) (All of the "Nobody's Favorites" are fun - check the end of each entry for "related posts")


Seriously? You all hate me now, don't you? :D