November 16th, 2009

asskicking boots

A Few Thoughts On Coraline and Christianity or Possibly Politics, I Am Not Quite Sure Which

I happened upon this article today: Two Stories for Children, by Fritz Spencer, and it just made me go "...WHAT?" It also infuriated me rather a lot; hence, this post.FN 1

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In other things, a link you should really check out because HELLO FUN: A Practical Ghost Story by Lee Thomas.

And the craziest music video I have seen in QUITE SOME TIME: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Crazy, and yet STRANGELY HYPNOTIZING.

And, hey! I just discovered that Amanda Palmer is going to be doing a concert in Falls Church Thursday. Have now bought my ticket and will be meeting up with the webgoblin and a couple of others from Balticon for the show. WHEE.