June 30th, 2009


Icons and Linkage and Rambling, Whee!

Another drive-by post. Soooo busy. Job searching, the Discworld convention coming up in a little over 2 mos., and just general stufffff. But: good news - I had an interview! Hooray! *crosses fingers*

In icon things, I finally remembered to post the Deadpool icons I made from my Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 screencaps.


1. 2. 3.

Check out all 26 here.

Speaking of Deadpool, Bob, Agent of HYDRA Hail HYDRA! finally answered the questions people asked him over on ask_deadpool. Go check it out. Do it for Bob! He gets sad if he thinks no one loves him.

And also speaking of Deadpool, and in conjunction, Dolls I Really, Really Want to Own, there are now FOUR on the list, as opposed to three. Of course there's the Bowen Deadpool, which I still crave liek whoa, as well as the Marvel Legends Deadpool, which is likewise awesome. And then there's the John Connor doll, which is so lifelike that if I got it I fear I'd wind up with Tiny Angry Christian Bale striding around my shelf telling my other dolls they ARE the Resistance (and you just KNOW Clan Deadpool would listen, although I suspect Harley Quinn would just turn up her nose and tell him to shower. She's prissy like that). Now ENTERBAY has given me yet another reason to wish I had money for frivolous things: the (tattooed) Michael Scofield doll. Which looks like it will be amazing, with the fantastic tattoos and the great head sculpt. As cleolinda says re: wanting to get one for her mom, "Michael can sit on her office shelf and Blue Steel at her coworkers all day." *covets*

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Speaking of TV & movie-related things (sort of), Public Enemies comes out tomorrow! I am so excited for it, but am waiting to see it with a friend I think. Which is ok, since I think I'm going out of town for the holiday anyway! Also, SO excited about Harry Potter 6 which is FINALLY coming out soon. Hurrah!

And finally, a couple of links:

House of Prince: What is Twitter (a guide for newbies) (via @neilhimself)

An interview with Rhianna Pratchett about The Overlord

Aaaand back to work!
C&DP madness or genius

Comics: The Deadpool Collection Part I

Alright, I'm finally going to cave and actually list this stuff now so that I can link other people here when they need it. Every so often I see another "can someone point me to a complete list of Deadpool appearances?" question, and there are a bunch of lists out there, but no one is ever sure how complete they are, and the question continues to reappear because it's all somewhat confusing, and so now I am going to try to simplify it for everyone.

I own almost everything Deadpool's ever appeared in, so for allll you Deadpool fans out there, I'm going to go ahead and list the comics I 100% know for sure Deadpool is in because I own them. And then I'll list the ones I'm not sure about but have seen mentioned. And then I'll list the ones he'll be in soon. And then I'll list the other places that have lists. Gee, aren't I swell? I'm so swell that this post will be in more than one part, because LJ can't even HANDLE how swell this post will be.

For this list you also get a note if the appearance is something less than an appearance/dialogue in the story (i.e. a pinup, a trading card, a cover, a profile, etc.) and the writer for each issue. Just for fun.

**Please note - if you know of any other appearances I should add, please comment and let me know!**

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