June 14th, 2009

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Photos of the Day (Cute and Funny Edition)

Cuteness of the day: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

D'aww. I was not one of the astute Neil-journal-readers who caught on that they were dating before Neil mentioned it (possibly because I didn't know if he was actually still married or not) but now that I know, I have to say they are just too cute together.

Funny pic of the day: Stan, drumroll please...

C&DP what a pair

Deadpool Week Returns! With Deadpool vs. the Wall-Crawler

I know, I got a bit behind on posting. But I'm back! A bit later. OK, OK, maybe we should just call it Deadpool Month, huh? Probably.

Anyway, skipping way forward from our last Deadpool Week post, in which Cable and Deadpool swapped some DNA, Deadpool has been having trouble getting merc werc due to the whole world thinking he lobotomized Cable, their mutant messiah. Which, you know, he DID. But only because Cable told him to! And then he spent several issues trying to revive Cable, which he eventually did. So he's not The Bad Guy (well, sometimes he is. But not right now). But people think so; hence, the unemployment. In the true spirit of the bromance that is this storyline, Cable has been secretly hiring Deadpool to do different jobs for him, so that Deadpool feels useful. In this one, he's sent Deadpool to get something for him, and Deadpool thinks Ken of The Daily Bugle can help him get it...

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And they all live happily ever after. Heh.