June 2nd, 2009

trixie friend

And now, your Moment of Zen...

I haven't done these in awhile, but it seems like all my friends are cracking me up these days. So three Moments of Zen from my recent life.


Me: "It's good that you don't want to get a motorcycle. They're dangerous. I say look, touch, but don't ride, or you might get hurt!"

P: "See, that's how I feel about some women."


Me, batting away a bug at the WWII Memorial: "I think that was a dragonfly. Or...huh, maybe it was two dragonflies. Mating."

B: "Yeah? I love me some dragonfly porn."


L: "I really want some Burger King."

G: "You can do better than Burger King. Burger king is like...a weak hand job."


trixie friend

Yes, I do actually enjoy phone calls!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I agree with everything Ellen's saying in this post:

How the web is changing certain social exchanges

The personal back and forth is what makes it all worthwhile, in my opinion. I even get annoyed at friends who overuse email instead of the phone, because even email is slightly less personal. I love actually seeing and talking to people. I am a social creature. As are many of us. Why do we fight it so?

Maybe I'm a young dinosaur, heh.
MG for your sanity

This is March to...boogaleeboo, And this is...misc.

You guys, I really want the new Matthew Good scarf. Darn him for always having cool merchandise!

(See also the the tote bag. Which I've wanted ever since last year. It would match my shirt!)

Wait. WAIT. OMG. They have a perfect merch bundle up there: Matthew Good Ladies' Teal Crest T-shirt, Matthew Good Black Crest Scarf, Live At Massey Hall CD, Hospital Music Tote Bag

Wow. That's like, exactly what I want for a really good price (the live CD is the only one I haven't got yet). MG, you rock. I wish I had any money at all so I could justify buying this.

Um. Anyway. The reason I was looking at merch at all was because Matt posted a preview of one of the songs for the new album, Great Whales of the Sea. I am a fan! I have the previous version, but the quality on it is a lot less good. You can listen to it until tomorrow night.


In other miscellaneous things, cleolinda has now gone through and organized her Secret Life of Dolls entries for easier reading on her wiki. If you haven't read the adventures of Cleo's dolls, you really, really should. You can start here, by clicking on "The Secret Life of Dolls" under "Full Entries" and then go straight to each following entry by using the navigation bar at the top of the entries.

Seriously, y'all should read this. It's awesome and funny stuff, and it just gets better as you go along.


And in the obligatory Deadpool note of the evening, Ryan Reynolds discusses the upcoming Deadpool movie. He says it will be just like the comic books. (Oh, I hope I hope I hope.) And also talks about what other characters he'd like to see in it. Like, oh, maybe Ajax, or Black Tom, or CABLE. CABLE. *flails*


ETA: One more link, thanks to cleolinda

Never-published photos of Marilyn Monroe
C&DP what a pair

Deadpool Week: I'm swapping DNA, I think I'm swapping DNA, I really think so!

So I seem to have exhausted scans of the old Deadpool run (except for bits and pieces which may be posted later), which means now we move on to the awesome Cable & Deadpool run. Cable & Deadpool was written almost entirely by Deadpool creator Fabian Nicieza, and is way fun. In the first story arc, Nicieza has to set up WHY two such unlikely partners (whacked-out merc and mutant savior of the world) end up together. And he does it. With style.

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