May 1st, 2009

DP movie loves his job

X-Men Origins: Wolverine; also: Deadpool

I saw Wolverine with vwlphb today. Just a few random thoughts on it:

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In other Wolverine/Deadpool/movie things, here is a great clip of Ryan Reynolds on Ellen Degeneres yesterday, demonstrating a cool katana trick and donating his Wade Wilson movie dogtags to Ellen's charity eBay auction. Man, I would SO LOVE to have those tags. If they weren't $1,525 and climbing.

P.S. Ten Jobs Not Right for Wolverine

Hee! Thanks to Kelly for the link.

P.P.S. Amen to Ryan Reynolds's comments about a possible Deadpool spinoff. Seriously, I really hope someone makes that kind of Deadpool movie and Reynolds stars. Because: WHOA AWESOMENESS.
deadpool common sense

Wade Wilson/Deadpool 101 (with bonus Wolverine Origins notes)

This post was inspired by pann_cake's question in response to my previous post on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

For those of you who may see the Wolverine movie, and kind of think movie Deadpool is cool, you should read this and discover how much cooler than movie Deadpool the real thing actually is.

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OK, I'm tired. Anyone want to know other things about Deadpool? Remind me to post about them. Heh.