April 27th, 2009

chuck help!

Save Chuck!!

Don't forget, y'all, to go to Subway tomorrow (Monday) and buy a sandwich and fill out a comment card to say that you're buying it to help save Chuck from cancellation! AND don't forget to watch the season finale!

Also, Zachary Levi takes 600 fans to Subway

"These are my 600 friends, and we're all gonna get sandwiches." HEE.


ETA: Unrelated - interview feat. Dylan Moran and Simon Pegg. Yay!
trixie lounging


You guys, it's 87 degrees in here and they don't switch my building to A/C for another 4 days. I think...I think I need to go lie in a tub of ice water or something. My brain, it has melted.

Also, my phone is an hour away from me. Gah. That's what you get when your one sister calls your other sister on your phone to wish your one sister a happy birthday and you leave the phone with her in the baby's room so you can go take a nap and then you wake up and completely forget about it and go home. Doh!

Ah, well. I am sure after I watch Chuck I will feel better. Still warm. But better.
Batman smirk

"I'm the...wait, what's my line? The...something...Batman?"

Chuck was completely awesome tonight. If they don't renew it I will be v. v. sad. :(

In other things, kiran59 and I were talking about Frank Miller and she sent me this freakin' hilarious review of his All Star Batman and Robin. Seriously, read it, y'all. Even if you don't pay any attention to Batman. It may have made me cry tears of laughter. Oh, and there's a followup, too. Ooh, and another one! (So that's where the lemonade panel comes from. Hee! Batman: what a dick.)

Speaking of Batman, coincidentally my friend Phil sent me this link today:

Sculptor Builds Working Batman Forever Batmobile in Garage.

DUDE. Although I kinda wish it had been the working Dark Knight Batmobile, complete with Batpod.

And since we're linking superhero stuff, can I take a moment to revisit one of my favorite-ever superhero sites?


And this will never stop being one of my favorite covers ever. Poor Jimmy Olsen!

Seriously. Superman being a dick never gets old. Ever.