April 3rd, 2009

DP cyber sap

Seriously, Washington DC NEVER gets movie premieres. *puppy eyes*

You guys, if you love me AT ALL and don't feel any particular desire to vote for your own home town, please go to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine contest site and vote for Washington, D.C. to host the premiere of the movie. (You can use the zip code 20005 if you want - it's a central DC location.) Ask your friends to vote, too! Then maybe for once I can actually see a real live movie star and stuff. Which would be exciting, yo. Especially if his name rhymed with, say, Buyin Kennels. Or Blue Pacman.

i love books HP

Drive-by linkspam!

Just a couple of quick links. From my friend Megan over at Polichicks, the CNN article Superheroes rise in tough times.

Because news about superheroes is always awesome (and on a related note, I highly recommend The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (fiction) by Michael Chabon, which ties into the subject of the article and is a fantastic read).

And via a roundabout route from prettyh's Twitter, Great Interviews of the 20th Century: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Because I ♥ F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was a literary genius, even in dark times like those in the interview (he makes some very wise statements about the feeling of depression in it, among other things). Wonderful and tragic at the same time; that was Fitzgerald.