March 31st, 2009

WM rorschach world ends today

Watchmen Wallpapers!

The other day I gave the Watchmen X-Box Live game a try, since you can try it for free before buying. I'm still undecided on whether or not to actually get it (it's fun, particularly if you play the unorthodox Rorschach, who has some neat moves, but it seems slightly repetitive and has gotten mixed reviews), but either way, the game and the game's site have some pretty cool graphics, so yesterday I took a little break from trying to find employment (whee) and made some Watchmen wallpapers.


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WM rorschach pwns

Watchmen post breeds...more Watchmen posts!

Because I was over at rorschach_fans to x-post my wallpapers, and found three awesome links:

1. Funny Rorschach vids

Both are good. The first one nearly had me in tears. (Warning: language!)

2. Fun with Photoshop

So awesome. Pls. to note the hilarious details, too.

3. Rorschach soap

The poster and commenters cracked me up.

And now, back to work.