March 20th, 2009

chuck casey pinch

Good things and bad things

Hugo nominations are up.

Including Wonderful Neil in the Novels category, and the lovely ellen_datlow in the best short form editor category.

Congrats to them and to all the other nominees, many of whom also deserve a mention here, but I'm running low on time before Dad gets to my place to do some work (baby atmosphere not conducive to working, really). Am going over to Amanda's again for dinner and baby!excitement later today.


In nice news, I got a couch last night! It's used, but in good condition and a nice neutral color. I am pleased.

I also got an awesome belated birthday present from my friend Nathan. It is fantaaastic.

Deirdre is coming to visit me tomorrow. I haven't seen her in ages. Also, Nathan may be coming to visit next week. Yay, visitors!


In not-nice news, Rogue continues to deteriorate. Now she has lost some weight (despite force-feedings) and is not digesting properly anymore. Also, the vet thinks there has been muscle atrophy in the back end, and she's more apathetic. Since there was no improvement, even with medicine, in the first 7-10 days, the vet says it's very unlikely there ever will be any, and looking at her now, I wouldn't disagree. She's not a happy chinchilla. So,, Dad and I are taking her to the vet to be put to sleep. I don't want to do it, but there's only so long one can tell oneself she's going to get better when she's so clearly not.

trixie tea

Goodbye, baby.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their sympathies about Rogue. As it turned out, she passed away about a half-hour before we were going to take her to the vet. We took her anyway, to be cremated. Although I'm very sad, at least I know that it was really her time to go - I was hating the idea of making that choice for her if there was any chance at all she could recover (not that it looked like there was a chance, but humans are eternally hopeful, aren't we?). Anyway, hopefully she didn't suffer, and now I like to think she's in meadows full of hay and ledges to jump up on and raisin trees (hey, if there is a chinchilla heaven, it certainly has raisin trees). Maybe Jubilee is already showing her around.

She was a good pet for 5 years (and Jubilee was a good pet for 3). So now, let's remember the good times:

My intrepid explorer:

Mischievous Rogue:

Sleepy contented Rogue:

Teddy bear Rogue:

Rogue and Jubilee:

Sleeping chillas:

Chilla macro:

Oh, my babies. I miss them. *sigh*