March 12th, 2009

trixie window

Word to the Wise: DO NOT Use Norton Virus Removal Services

I revise my earlier opinion of "Thank goodness Norton got the virus off my system." Now I say, "Call Dell, call anybody else, DO NOT call Norton to help you with your virus removal. Just DON'T."

Why not? Well I'll tell you. Yes, they removed the virus from my system. But in the process, they caused five individual problems with other programs and my operating system (presumably by deleting files while eradicating the virus). OK, I understand the need to get rid of those files. What I DON'T understand is why, when I called Norton to fix what they'd broken, after speaking to 3-5 supervisors over the course of an hour and a half, NO ONE in Norton said they could help me. OH. Unless they charged me another $100, of course. And then they couldn't guarantee anything. What they did say was: a) it had been too long since I first called in, so they couldn't help; and b) it was not virus removal, so they couldn't help.

Yeah, well, a) I do not recall being informed that I only had 7 days to call back if I had problems (and not all of the problems manifested immediately); and b) THEY CAUSED ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS. I never had any of these problems in the 6 years I owned the computer, before calling Norton.

Last time I had a virus problem, I called Dell. They charge $20 more to help you, but you know what? If there's anything wrong, they FIX IT. And they don't cause new problems. Nor do they say, "We don't know what to do with that, because it's not virus removal." Unlike Norton, where they sit on their hands and explain the same "we can't help you" line to me five times or more, all the while acting like maybe I'm not understanding what they're trying to tell me. No, I understand perfectly. What I don't understand is how your technicians can supposedly know how to go in and remove the right things to get rid of a virus, but then can't fix the problems they've caused while removing those things. Unless your technicians are not well trained. Perhaps that's it.

I am SO incredibly displeased with them now. I paid over $130 to get my computer fixed by them, and now it has five things wrong with it, which they caused and wouldn't fix.

So in summary: Norton - you get a big red FAIL stamp from me today, and I'm never calling you again.