March 11th, 2009

DP grumble

Once More, into the Deadpool Fray...

So cleolinda just sent me this link (with the comment that she didn't think I was going to like it - she is very astute.)

A Wolverine Synopsis That's So Demented, It Must Be True

And of course I don't. Because IT'S COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. I mean, COME ON, FOX. What are you DOING to Deadpool?? Why bother to take an established and well-loved (ok, by a slightly cult following, as opposed to say, Wolverine's fanbase, BUT STILL) character WHO IS AWESOME and then just make him into a completely different character altogether? I mean, what is the POINT? Just make UP a new character altogether, and leave poor Deadpool alone. (His life's been hard enough already.) And oh, if it's the name you're looking to cash in on, or the fact that fans want to see him in a movie? Bad choice, because all the Deadpool fans hate what you're doing (really, go read ANY forum that has linked the movie news of Deadpool) and will not look on you kindly for this. And only the fans actually know who he is. So way to alienate the audience you're trying to bring in. GO FOX! You are brilliant! Can I work for you? (No, really, can I? Maybe then I could save EVERYONE some pain and suffering.)

Now, granted, this movie synopsis may not be true. But it does kinda fit with the trailer, and knowing FOX, it's not like I'd be surprised if this is what I end up watching when I'm sitting in the theater (although if it is, I may need to be sedated to make it all the way through. I bet the other audience members would not appreciated my yelling at the screen (What the hell were they thinking, taking away his MOUTH???) the whole time they are trying to watch). *sigh*


Not too long ago, Marvel posted a Deadpool Saga online, that collected, fairly accurately, his actual comic book history so far. Since their comic viewer was really hard to use to actually read the comic, I copied and posted the Saga to Scans Daily, along with some commentary and corrections (hey, even Marvel recappers can get some things wrong). Sadly, scans_daily was then lost to us, but fortunately, I still have the scans and the Scans Daily archive. So, in case anyone out there is curious as to the TRUE story of Deadpool, I now (re-)present to you:

Collapse )

So there you have it, folks. Deadpool: awesome version.