March 9th, 2009

DP baking

Free Deadpool, and The Music Industry

In case anyone's in the mood to check out the current run of Deadpool, you can read Deadpool #1 for free on Marvel's website right now. (Just FYI, Daniel Way is not my favorite Deadpool writer. But it's still worth reading.) Thanks to Marvel's Twitter thing and The Deadpool Bugle for the alert.

Also, Matthew Good linked an interesting article about music and piracy and the different online internet services. There's some good discussion in the comments about the problems inherent in the current music distribution system. (And hey! Jay Rosenthal! That's my entertainment law professor from law school! Small world.)

And now, to go syringe-feed my chinchilla.

ETA: Interesting Watchmen links via cleolinda:

The characters who inspired Silk Spectre and The Comedian; Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias; and Nite Owl and Rorschach.