March 8th, 2009

WM rorschach fire

Watchmen, sick chinchillas, and birthdays

I've finally seen it! Watchmen, that is (although vwlphb, I definitely would like to see it again - in IMAX if possible). And I really liked it! Including the fact that, even at, what, 2 hours and 40 minutes, I didn't get bored. I'm not saying I had no complaints at all, but in general I thought it was great, and certainly pretty faithful to the comic. I also know I'll end up buying the DVD when it comes out, which is a pretty good recommendation in itself.

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Also, re: Watchmen, here are a couple of good links from cleolinda:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Nathan Fillion on The View

Two favorite actors at once. SQUEE. JDM is just adorable. Also, Nathan Fillion's new show sounds interesting, and I never realized how tall he is before. Probably because on Firefly, he's often standing near Adam Baldwin. Heh.

The best (and worst) mainstream review quotes about Watchmen

Interesting to read. I like Roger Ebert's. He seems slightly puzzled as to why he liked it.

In other news, sadly, on Saturday morning (about 6 am, gah) I noticed something was wrong with Rogue, because she was walking/hopping funny. She was alert, but having trouble using her back end and feet. This necessitated an emergency trip to the vet way out in the boonies (chinchilla vets are not thick on the ground) with Kelly as driver (bless her). The vet did an exam and x-ray on her. It turns out there are no broken bones, so the vet thinks it's some sort of nerve damage, possibly done by falling off of something in the cage or similar. I know there's been no trauma when I've had her out, but when she's in the cage I'm not watching her all the time. (I should note that the set-up of the cage is supposedly safe according to my research before adding anything to it, and has been the same for about 4 years. But accidents do happen.) So we're not sure how it happened, but somehow, between Thursday and Saturday morning she got in this state. This news is either very good or very bad. I.e. if it's not permanent damage, she can recover and be just fine. If it is...then, as the vet puts it, "we have to talk 'quality of life'." :(

For now, I'm feeding her supplemental food through a plastic syringe (not with a needle) along with two medications, 3 times a day. It's a very interesting process, to say the least (Rogue does *not* like being wrapped up in a towel and force-fed things). The vet thinks we'll see improvement in a week, if at all. So, everybody keep your fingers crossed for her.

In better news, I had a nice birthday dinner and cake with a few friends on Saturday night, and nice visiting-time with Brian yesterday and today before he went back to Philly. So that was fun!

And now, it's time for another feeding.

P.S. I forgot to add, in other better news, my sister is due in 10 days!! We're all excited. I hope everything goes well.