February 21st, 2009

this is fantastic BB

So far in the news today...

- I missed a lunch invitation from Marshall. Dur. Sorry Marshall. Will call you!

- I had a dream about a high school friend whom I literally haven't though of in years. Went online to one of the numerous social networking sites I seem to be on and discovered that he recently posted the big news that he is engaged. Am I psychic? Perhaps!

- My awesome longtime LJ friend and fellow Dylan Moran fan, dachelle, has just informed me that she is coming to my area for work...and to visit me! Hurrah! We shall have good times.

- I am so. behind. on. things.

Industrial-Strength ETA: You guys, this is THE COOLEST IRON MAN THING EVER. You can play with Iron Man's armor! Serious. Click!
IM rrowr

*unleashes her inner comics geek*

You guys, I saw an ad for an awesome "Iron Man: Property of None" t-shirt in the back of the Obama/Spider-man issue, and now I can't find it anywhere online. *pouts* Supposedly it's from Marvel and Mad Engine, but I don't see it on their site. Pooh. Not that I was particularly planning to buy it, myself, as I have enough t-shirts, really, but...it was COOL. I wanted to link it so you could all see how cool it was, too.

Since I can't find it, I guess I'll have to settle for linking some other fun shirts I came across while looking, such as:

the glow-in-the-dark arc reactor shirt (OMG wantssss)

the manic Iron Man shirt (poor Tony looks so distressed, hee!)

and the Ironing Man shirt (ah, the classic pun. How I love it.)

I also found this, which "For the Love of Comics" correctly dubs "iron-on blasphemy." Tony would be ASHAMED of you, Matt Fraction.


Anyway. Enough about Iron Man. Moving on, to, naturally, DEADPOOL.

Or, more precisely, what-the-hell-have-those-movie-folks-done-to-Deadpool-OMG-NOOOOOO!?!! cleolinda linked a pic of the newest X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie-inspired Deadpool action figure (which I also saw on The Deadpool Bugle the other day) and I have to say, I am not so pleased at whatever the hell they are doing to him in the movie that makes the action figure be THAT (and here are more pictures for illustration). Wade never...ever...EVER looked like that. The closest he got to red eye patches (sans mask) was in the Funeral for a Freak mini-arc where one of his personalities had big pink glasses. And he's never had whatever-that-is on his chest. I am just...grr. My inner geek does NOT approve. Especially when they could at least have gone canon-later-Weapon-X and MUCH cooler by suiting him up in THIS. I mean, THAT is badass.

Also: the hand-blades thing? WHUT? Yeah, I don't think so. Deadpool's done a sort of brass-knuckle version of Wolverine's claws, but he's never had, what, swords tied onto his arms? I don't even know what that IS. Wait, I do. Ridiculous is what that is.

...OK, ranting done now. Whew.