February 19th, 2009

DP blow my mind

Deadpool? No, DOLLPOOL!

HEY YOU GUYS! Are you ready for the Coolest Thing Ever? You’d better be, because he is here, in this entry, live and in person, and his name is...Dollpool!

So, yeah, remember when I mentioned that Secret Craft Project vwlphb has been working on this past week? Well, that Secret Project came about because when we went to see Coraline, I was telling her about my plans to make the Deadpool Doll, and she got to wondering if, perhaps, some version of Deadpool could be crocheted (since she is skilled in such arts). So for the last week, there has been much consultation as well as a flurry of photos and image links back and forth regarding such age-old questions as what the back of Deadpool’s harness *really* looks like; and finally, today when we got together for lunch and movies, I got to hold in my excited little hands the finished product! To take home and keep for my very own! And take pictures of and post about on LiveJournal! So now, I give you, the one, the only...Dollpool!

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