February 12th, 2009

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Coraline and other fun things (including some BIG NEWS about my sister)

vwlphb and I went to see Coraline IN 3-D yesterday, and it was totally awesome. I think that's actually the first movie I've seen in 3-D on the big screen, although vwlphb has seen several. (Here's a Coraline trailer I linked before in case you haven't seen any already.)

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After the movie, vwlphb and I stopped at Hole in the Wall Books, my favorite comic book and used book store, where I picked up my next round of comics and the new Deadpool poster, and shared some of my Comic Con adventures with Edie, who was delighted to hear them (and who also called me "the biggest Deadpool freak she knows," which, coming from a comic book store owner, may be either something to be very proud of or something to be very ashamed of. I'm not sure, as yet). I tried to obtain Wonderful Neil's Batman tale while there, but Edie declared that she's only selling them in sets, so I agreed to wait until the next issue comes out. I did obtain the next Cable, which I have not yet read, but I *can* say that it's the only one so far where I've actually enjoyed the cover - which is Tiny Messiah Girl dressed up in all of Cable's war gear. Heh. I also picked up my Obama Spider-man and some back issues of Runaways. So lots of reading to be done. Hurrah!

Speaking of reading, very exciting news here on the homefront. My sister has just given me permission to announce to the world that she has just become the eleventh winner of the Philbrick Poetry Award!!!!! Congratulations, sister-dear! The award consists of a cash prize and publication of a chapbook of her work this coming May, along with, of course, the excitement of having won the award. So happy for you, Jen!

In other literary-related things, I wanted to note that the anthology of horror stories that my friend ellen_datlow edited, Inferno: New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, which I reviewed some time ago will be out in paperback on March 31. (I should also note that there's a special deal on the hardcover right now, such that it is only $9, which is a real bargain, if you prefer hardcovers to paperbacks.) Also from Ellen, the Nebula Award Showcase she edited will be out in April, as will Troll's Eye View, the middle age anthology she and Terri Windling co-edited. And Twists of the Tale, her cat horror anthology, is about to be released in a trade paperback by Wildside Press. So lots of good things coming out from Editor Ellen, who we are glad to have back here in the U.S. and recovering from her London hospital adventures!

And now, since I haven't mentioned The North American Discworld Convention here in a bit, I would like to announce that, at present, we have over 450 attendees registered as of February 1 (and Lee tells me he has a few more that have come in since then). This is great news, and everything with the convention is going along very, very well. Among other things, we have just added Bruce and Joann to our programming team - Bruce being the chair of the 2008 UK Discworld convention I attended in August, and Joann being his wife, who also helped with planning, along with doing the Discworld Chronicle. So they will be able to help us add a bit more British flair to our U.S. convention, which should mean even more fun activities for all involved. Hurrah!

(And as Vice-Chair, it is my duty to remind you all that membership prices may go up at the end of March, so don't forget to register!)

And now...back to work.

ETA: vwlphb just called me, and apparently the comic book store she went to today gave her some Coraline promotional stuff they had on hand - so she's giving me a couple of Coraline pins next time we meet. Yay!
supernatural dean dance

My chinchilla's got a crush.

Rogue's been watching TV with me again. She sits in the corner of the cage so she can see. I think she likes the Winchester boys. She's got good taste, although I can't tell whether she prefers Sam or Dean. :)

Unfortunately it's a rerun tonight, but hey, it gives me something to listen to while I'm cleaning.

I feel bad 'cause she can't see the TV too well from where she is. She has to sit in the corner to see. Maybe I should move her over a couple of feet. Then she could sit on top of her house like a little doggie like she used to whenever we watched Dylan Moran together. Hee.

P.S. MAN, it was windy today. It was so windy that it's been on the news all day. I walked out to do errands and almost got blown across the street. WHEW.