January 23rd, 2009

ATLA bananas


I'm curious:

Poll #1336000 Supernatural Boys!

Who's your favorite (male) Winchester?


And why?

It's a REALLY close one for me - Sam's got the puppy-dog eyes and the empathy going on, plus that whole mystery psychic thing, which is fun; and Dean's a badass mofo who's got an awesome sense of humor. And both the actors are smokin'. And then of course there's John, the original hunter who just happens to be played by, essentially, a knock-off of RDJr., which is pretty sweet (Even if he is a little out of my age-range). But in the end, I have to vote for Dean - even if Sam is the sweeter one, I'm a sucker for a guy with a quirky sense of humor. And also Jensen Ackles is gorgeous, even if he does have a funny-sounding last name. Hooray, badass mofo Dean!

And now, bed.

(P.S. Reprise of Comic-Con announcement: Hey y'all! Raise your hand if you have managed to arrange it so that you can go to one day of Comic Con AND the baby shower! ROCK.)