September 13th, 2008

RSC dork

Hm, stuff, whee!

Alright, so how does this Second Life thing work, then? I mean, I know how it works, generally, but surely I can make my Newly Minted avatar look somewhat less generic? Without turning her into a freaky My Little Pony or something. Also, where the hell is the map or whatever? WHERE AM I? How can I tell? It should be like video games, where you can just have a little map overlaying wherever you are the whole time. Also? I think this program may cause my computer to crash. Because it is large and my computer is lame. Bleh.

Hem. So why am I on it at all, you ask, if I don't know what I'm doing and am being grumpy about it? Well, because Terry is going to be on Second Life in October, doing a Q&A and things, and surely it would be fun to observe that! So, um...I have to get my character some better hair, yo. She can't be seen in her current fright-wig! Look at me, being vain about my avatar. Hee.

ANYway, I assume eventually if I play around with it enough I'll get it right. I've done the avatar-world thing a couple of times, but it's been quite awhile.

In more exciting news, I saw The Dark Knight on IMAX today, with two lovely SFers, at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. And it was FANTASTIC on the gigantic screen. Hooray, looking down from tops of buildings!

And then afterwards we went to Starbucks until Amy had to leave, and then Rebecca and I went to Jaleo, which still has divinely yummy food and heavenly sangria, and it was very mmm. And fun. Lovely to meet and hang out with them both. Yay!

And now: bed.
Trixie heroine addict blue

Hey, what else can we break?

*takes a break from transcribing*


You know, I can honestly say that while I still sincerely doubt I will ever be fearless enough to actually read the books (still convinced that doing so would lower my IQ to the point of no return and scared of ensuing comatose and/or hopeless illiterate state), the Twilight wank is really one of the best things ever. It's the hilarity that keeps on giving!

See Rupert Grint lost a bet with Robert Pattinson and now has to read the Twilight books. I love how it's the punishment for losing the bet.


And speaking of hilarity, have I ever mentioned to you what might be one of my favorite euphemisms ever for sex? No? It's "breaking houses," as illustrated in Growing Up Cullen:

(in discussing how in the Twilight series, supposedly, Edward the vampire stayed a virgin for a bazillion years until Bella came along)

welurklate: NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!
welurklate: reading like flowers for alegeron all pissed off while rose and emmett are breaking houses



In somewhat related things, Cleolinda on a podcast (Twilight is mentioned, you know, just a bit)


And in unrelated things that are still funny, Robert Heinlein's Bizarre Fan Mail Response Letter