September 8th, 2008

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It’s All Cleo’s Fault!

Recently cleolinda linked her discovery that she (and m15m) are quoted on TV Tropes in the Like You Would Really Do It section. And of course I went to look.

Mistake #1!

I’ve been to TV Tropes several times, but I try to stay away, because Rule # 1 about TV Tropes is that once you dip your toe in the pool, you will NEVER GET OUT AGAIN. (Rule #2 being, in order to get out, you must drag someone else in.)

This is because: a) TV Tropes is fascinating; and b) TV Tropes contains Incestuous Linkage, of the sort made dangerous by Wikipedia.

Thus, you will find yourself bouncing from “Like You Would Really Do It” to “Anyone Can Die,” and suddenly, you'll be arriving at the Deadpool page by way of Heroic Sociopath. And then somehow you will see Mooks and be astonished that there is *not* a Deadpool link in that one (considering how often he uses the word) but will decide to wade through Punch Clock Villain anyway and emerge from the pool of villiany on the Discworld page, taking great glee in the several Tropes it is the Trope Namer for. (Also, if you want to enjoy a quick contact-high of Total Badassery, check out the Crowning Moments of Awesome page for Discworld, which is a list of great Moments of Awesome from the series.) (Also also, I love how Vimes has a section in “Unstoppable Rage,” but it is noted that his rage is Vimes.)

You know what the best part of that whole last paragraph I just wrote is, though? It’s completely false. The reason being, the actual way I eventually ended up on the “Discworld” page was much more complicated and involved a lot of Firefly and possibly A Song of Ice and Fire. And I can’t even remember it anymore! So you get the shortened but still entirely plausible version.

Other Pages I Really Enjoyed On TV Tropes

- The “Truth in Television” section of Bunny Ears Lawyer, which made me laugh out loud several times. Particularly the part about Paul Erdős.

(FYI, Deadpool is a Bunny Ears Lawyer. Or, more accurately, a Bunny Ears Assassin.)

The “Truth in Television” section also led me to this LJ entry about Tesla, which amused me.

- The entire collection of I Am Not Making This Up.

(Which Dave Barry should totally be cited for, just because he is awesome.)

So, now that I’ve dragged you all into the pool, I’m going to go grab a towel and a pina colada and...get back to work. *sigh*

P.S. No, I am not adding Discworld and Deadpool examples whenever they occur to me, why do you ask? *g*
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HARRY POTTER LEXICON, Part I: Findings of Fact

i love books HP

HARRY POTTER LEXICON, Part II: Conclusions of Law, Copyright Infringement

not groovy at all! HP

Harry Potter: One more thing.

**NOTE: This rant is not aimed at anyone here. This is what happens when I read the comments left by people on news pages covering this story, most of which are ignorant and ridiculous. And make me mad.**

Y'all! I know you, my intelligent journal-readers know this, but not everybody out there seems to be able to grasp the concept, so let me just say it here, loud and clear:


It is RDR Books and slimy Rapoport, the guy who lied to people about the possibilities of a lawsuit, stalled JKR's lawyers, and kept selling the rights to foreign publishers even after this all started going down, who will have to pay.

And I? Am A-OK with that.

Also, before people take sides on this thing, they should at least KNOW WHAT THE FACTS ARE. The judge didn't just close his eyes and flip a coin and decide JKR should win. There are sound, logical reasons for his decision.

Oh. And JKR exercising her right to enforce her copyrights does not make her a witch, a meany, a bad person, a heinous bitch, or any other combination of insulting words people can dig up to throw at her. I mean, I don't know the woman, and frankly, I wouldn't care if she was a heinous bitch, although it seems unlikely given what I've seen of her in the media and given her charity work and whatever - but no matter what her personality is, she still has the same rights that we all do regarding copyright, and that's as it should be. Would anyone out there want their copyright rights to be any different just because they happened to be mean or have money? No, I am sure they would not.

Oh, and also: Why in the hell should how much money she has now have anything to do with whether she can or should enforce her rights? Would anyone say that rich celebrities don't have, say, the same right to go to a sale and use a sale coupon, just because they are rich? She earned her money by working, and she's trying to protect what she worked for and created. WHAT is wrong with that?

ETA: And something lberghol said reminded me that I wanted to note: One reason I am glad that Rowling did pursue her rights here is that she *is* able to do so, by dint of being a wealthy author. It costs money to go to court and have good lawyers and all of that, and she could afford to do it. If she hadn't, then it might have led to the proverbial "slippery slope" for her and for other authors regarding what other people could do with their rights. Not because her not going to court over this would mean she lost the right to do so, but because others might not be able to pursue it due to lack of funds, etc., so there might be a de facto change in how much liberty others felt they could take with authors' works and not be penalized for it. THAT is one reason I am glad she did what she did - at least now, we have one circuit court's opinion on how the law stands now, affirming that authors do have some protected rights that can't be abridged without permission.