July 25th, 2008

DP blow my mind

Pictures! Deadpool in Wolverine Movie

Yeah, I know I just did a Deadpool update, but The Deadpool Bugle just posted a couple of pictures of Deadpool from the trailer that aired at SD Comic-Con, so I had to post again.

Obviously pictures make me excited, but...I'm confused. Why isn't he in his uniform? Why isn't he deformed? If he's in Wolverine's Weapon X team, this has to be post-mutation, right? Because if he wasn't all spiffed out with the healing factor, he wouldn't be on the team...unless this is post-treatment but pre-Hospice? If I recall correctly, he was on a team for a bit with Slayback, etc. before he iced out of the Weapon X program, at which point he was sent to the Hospice, the events of which turned him into the Deadpool we all know and love madly. So...maybe that's it? If so, I really, really hope we get to see his transformation, although I have no idea how they'd do it justice without taking too much time. Because Deadpool isn't Deadpool until he's a) got his healing factor; b) deformed (poor baby); and c) completely insanely hilarious.

Anyway, at least he's wearing red and black. And has his katanas. I'll just have to hold my breath and wait for more, hoping like hell they didn't screw with canon too much.