July 1st, 2008

Trixie heroine addict blue

Why did I have you all ask questions before?

Because I am evil!

No, because DAVE said to me in the car the other day, "You know, you should do a LiveJournal that is all just Deadpool answering questions. You know, questions about real stuff like current events and things. That'd be cool."

DAVE. ENABLER. It's all DAVE'S fault.

So, um. Don't suggest things to me, people. I WILL go and do them.



The first entry is, admittedly, made up questions, but the second has Actual Real Questions from Karen and addygryff, answered by the 'Pool-man himself. And I'll be answering the others there, too.

If anyone else wants to ask Deadpool a real question about current events, his thoughts on yaoi Cable, or anything else in the known universe(s), email or comment over at ask_deadpool.

P.S. Blame DAVE.