May 22nd, 2008

what the...?

Just a little comic break: Wolverine, Deadpool, X-Men, Runaways, and Marvel/DC

Marvel News has a seven page preview of Wolverine: Origins #25, which concludes the Deadpool story arc, "The Deep End." From reading a couple of the other issues in the arc, and from the preview, I have to confess, as much as Daniel Way's interviews (that I linked recently) sound like he's here to give 'Pool a whole new comic-book lease on life, with manic storylines and witty banter...I'm not seeing it.* Now, I realize we're in Origins here, which is a darker story with a more serious character at its center, and that Way might write a bit differently when DP's his main character. But...I don't know. None of the 'Pool dialogue really made me laugh or amused me. It isn't twisty, it isn't black humor, it's...just lacking. Even the boxes where he talks to the audience don't have the right feel. I'm not saying the story arc itself isn't ok; it's just like there's some other guy in Deadpool's head now. If this is what September is going to be like, I really wish they'd get someone else to write the new series.

*Also, I really don't like the art on this series. Why are all of the characters' heads so narrow? That doesn't even look like Wolverine to me.

In other comic news:

1. 'Runaways' is the latest Marvel Comics book to get the big-screen treatment from Marvel Studios.


2. Have I mentioned Wolverine and the X-Men, the new animated series? There's a trailer at the link. Not sure when it comes out, though. Soon. (I like the part where the Sentinel tries to step on Emma Frost. Hee.)
(ETA: It's listed as coming out in 2008 on IMDB, but this site says, "The series will be shown on Nicktoons Network, Nickelodeon’s 24-hour animation channel, in 2009.")

3. More rumors/news on the X-Men 4 "prequel" film

4. Multiple Wolverines! (just skip all that 1984-X-Men-movie-that-could-have-been jazz. The Wolvie pic at the bottom is what amused me.)


5. I'm liking Wolverine: First Class a lot. I may have to get it.

ETA: New I'm a Marvel...I'm a DC parody up now. (Poor Spidey.)