April 15th, 2008

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The Turtle Moves! North American Discworld Convention 2009

Oh, y'all, I completely forgot to mention: anyone who's interested in the North American Discworld Convention, rates have gone up a bit as of March 31, but they'll be staying as they are until September, when I believe they will be going up again. So register before they rise!!

Also, I've been seeing mentions in several people's blogs - feel free to spread the word. If you go to the website and the flyers page, you can get LJ icons like the one I've got and some others.
Trixie heroine addict blue

Harry Potter Lexicon Trial Begins

Oh, and one more thing:

The HP Lexicon trial started yesterday.

cleolinda is doing an excellent round-up report of all the excitement as it happens over on Fandom Wank.

For background, I posted an explanation and discussion of the trial back when the complaint and answer were filed.

And now, here's another excellent legal discussion of the case by praetorianguard

ETA: The Leaky Cauldron has a paraphrased account of JKR's trial testimony. What I find notable here are all the instances where Rowling has let slip hints of what a Rowling-authored encyclopedia could be like. If the whole of her encyclopedia consisted of gems like the ones here (examination of the death theme in the books; origin of the occamy beast; etc.) then a Rowling encyclopedia would be a coveted and enjoyable book for any HP enthusiast. That SVA and RDR think they can compete with that, or that a fan would rather have the Lexicon, is laughable. That Rowling is now feeling discouraged about the idea of her own encyclopedia by this litigation is a real shame. One hopes that after this trial is over (and JKR has won), she will feel differently.