February 29th, 2008

i love books HP

Neil Gaiman, Books and TV, Whee!

1. Free book! Free book! Get Neil Gaiman's American Gods for free for the next month. Share the link, share the joy!

2. I've finally started a list (that is woefully incomplete right now, but it'll get longer) of "Books I've Read," because I saw a bunch of other people doing it and I am a sheep. No! Kidding! Because I think it's neat to see what others are reading, and also to remember all that I've read. So that will remain as Entry Numero Uno on my LJ for the time being (i.e. to see it, go to the current entries and it'll always be on top). Just in case y'all are curious.

3. LOSTaway of the day:

OK, I am not shifting my allegiance from Desmond, but I have to give it up for...

Flashback Hair Danny Faraday!!!

I mean, I know some people have ragged on his flashback hair already, but COME ON. Remember Boone's weird skeevy plastered-down spikes? Remember Locke's scary bad toupee? Remember Jack's Almost-Mullet? Remember the Bargain Basement Bin of Bad Hair and Makeup??? Danny-F has won this one, y'all. There is no contest. Also I have a thing for men with long and or wildly curly hair on TV. And in movies, actually. Oh, Aragorn. Oh, Faramir. Oh...anyway. I think he looks cute.

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