February 19th, 2006

Trixie heroine addict blue


So. As per last entry, I decided (or particle_person suggested and then I decided) that we needed a Sith Lord Meme.


So here it is!

The Next Sith Lord... by foresthouse
Among the Sith Lords, you are known as:Darth Dignant
Your Sith look:
Jedi nemesis:nsfinch
Bounty on your head:$50,026
Likelihood of Survival:: 45%
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Haha, I am the biggest geek in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Hurrah!

P.S. All Sith Lord names derived from adjectives that start with "in." Hey, I had to stick with the illustrious precedent of Vader and Sidious, yes?


In other memes,

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