November 28th, 2002

Trixie heroine addict blue

Recipe for Thanksgiving Fun

Gather together:
(1) large turkey (carved by dad wearing silly Mr. Peanut apron)
(1) tureen of dressing (which Amanda will try to steal)
(1) gravy boat (which will be discussed at length merely because Amanda hates the word "gravy")
(1) dish of sweet potatos with large melted marshmallows to be fought over
(1) bowl of cranberries for me to skip cause cranberries are yicky
(1) dish of baked tomatos for Jen to rave about for 20 minutes
(1) bowl of broccoli and "holidays" sauce
(300000000) mini blueberry muffins, slightly burnt because Amanda set the oven too high
(4) cameras so Mom can complain about how the food will get cold if we don't eat it RIGHT NOW SO STOP TAKING TRIPOD PICTURES OF THE FOOD IT'S TO EAT NOT PHOTOGRAPH.
(2) slightly overworked parents
(3) silly sisters
(400) stories of dumb things that happened to me and Amanda in Europe
(2) incidents of people getting food on the all-white fancy tablecloth
(35) mentions of the word "gravy" (heeheehee)
(4!) pies that look yummy but everyone is too full to eat
(1000) fancy dishes that must be handwashed.
Mix, and enjoy!