November 23rd, 2002

Trixie heroine addict blue


Well, I guess there is good and bad in every situation. The good thing is, i finished classes on Wed and only had one next week that wasn't canceled, so I skipped it and flew home thursday. Dan drove me to the airport, which was sweet of him. Also, after this break, i don't have that much more of the semester left, work-wise, and next semester is going to be great, with 2 english classes where I have already read and liked about 1/3 of the books, an independent study, and metalsmithing and jewlery design. Also, I get to see my sisters and parents. Also i checked the scale in my parents' bathroom and mysteriously lost 5 pounds recently.
The bad things are, I have a 12 page paper due this tuesday that I have not done much for as yet, and I have to do a bunch of sketches and stuff at home. And I'm sure I will gain those pounds back at Thanksgiving. But the worst thing is, my grandfather fell a few days ago and again yesterday (he is 89) and ended up having to have a bunch of stitches and stuff. Not only am I worried about him, but that means that my grandparents won't be coming for Thanksgiving. This has happened only twice before, once when it was their anniversary and we went there, and once when they got in a car accident and dad went to stay with them. It's really sad, because I haven't gotten to see them in awhile and was looking forward to it. They are such sweet people. *sigh* My grandfather is so stubborn that, no matter what, he refuses to use even a cane, let alone a walker which he needs. But maybe that will change after this. i hope so. Anyway, at least Jen and Amanda are still coming. *sigh*