November 5th, 2002

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Duke Takes Earl, Every Time

It would have been great to be Your Grace the Duke of Something-or-Other back in the day, in England. Can you imagine? Great wealth and power, and the highest title in the country. Man, that would so beat "middle class American trying to make money on the day shift at Kilroy's". Of course, I would have to be a duchess, not a duke. So I guess things are better today...but still!
Enough of that wishing I was a millionaire. I am in love with my small professor! Ok, I'm not really, but I met with him today for my next semester independent study in Political Science class, and he was very helpful and got together a list of readings with me and I am excited!! I'm such a nerd. Yay learning! I get to read Tocqueville! Whoohoo. Ok, back to work.
Trixie heroine addict blue

Insanity does NOT run in the family, dammit!

Am I crazy, or are people annoying? The latter, I think. So here I am, quietly sketching for class tomorrow, and someone rings the bell...I go, and there is a note that says, "Please turn your music down. Thanks." Ok, first of all, my music was sooooo not louder than I ever play it and that is not loud. And it's only 11 at night! Second, the guys downstairs play music I can hear with my pillow over my head at 3 am. The freakin walls vibrate, for goodness sakes!!! So don't tell me I am the criminal of IU South Side! Third, why a note?? Unless it was the guys downstairs, then it's no one I know, cause they are the only people I even know in this apartment building. It's not like its gonna ruin a great friendship if this person asks me face-to-face to turn my music down. I have no plans to stink-bomb annoying neighbors who have sensitive hearing!!! Dammit, why do people have to piss me off?! Well you know what? - I'm not taking it anymore! I'm rebelling! I'm TURNING IT UP!!!
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