August 2nd, 2002

Trixie heroine addict blue


Ok, so it is my third day in Europe, and I tell you all now - ENVY ME!!! This is great. so far amanda and I have been very lucky, and all our timing and all we want to see is working out. but let's start at the beginning:
Day 1:
ok, mostly travel, v. boring...we flew, we took train, we found hostel, we slept. whoohoo. oh, except we tried to order pizza and it never came. because there are 2 st. christopher's hostels on borough high street, london. and they went to the other one. damn.
Day 2:
we got up for the complementary breakfast and ran into (michelle or whoever else you might not believe this) Duncan Teater, AI from Austin Caswell's class last semester! It was crazy and we had a nice breakfast exclaiming over the smallness of worlds. The Amanda and I headed out to Buckingham palace and HAPPened to get there just in time for the Changing of the we saw some of it through the bars of the palace gates. very cool, with horse parade and bands and all. Then, we checked out the Queen's Gallery in the palace, stuffed with state gifts worth at least 5 times my college tuition each. mmm, jewels and sparkly things. I love it! After lunch we had a nice wander over to Westminster Abbey by Tube (I love my visitor Travelcard, all tubes for 3 days for $30!) and looked at all the many many...dead people buried there. i swear, it is crazy how many famous dead people are there. but it was fun and quite amazing. After which we were in awe and easily herded onto the London Eye, the tallest ferris-wheel-type thing in the world. v. cool view of the Thames and London, and a nice 1/2 hr ride. I must admit, by then we were jet lagged and could not do anything but go back to 'nap' which turned out to be sleep.....
Day 3:
Ok, so we started out early, with the intention of doing the Tower of London and then many other things...turns out, the 'Tower' of London is actually 14 towers and it unbelievably huge! plus we took the 40 min guided tour before wandering on our own. It was mega-cool. esp. the White Tower, the first and biggest. Although I liked the Medieval Palace too. So after 3 hrs, we were famished and stopped for lunch, before heading to the Dali museum (Dali is my fav!!!) that we had discovered the day before. saw many great works, incl. the Alice in Wonderland sculpture which is my fav. Believe it or not that wore us out and took us to:
Where we jumped on a cruise boat we had tix for and went down the Thames to Maritime Greenwich and checked out the Cutty Sark, a VERY old and only remaining tea-trading cutter, very cool with renovations and a setup of the ship as it would have been, complete with dummy sailors etc. Fun! Then it was back on the boat and off to St. Paul's Cathedral,where we climbed 530 stairs straight up to see the very top and also checke3d out the Whispering Gallery. Very impressive and more open than the Abbey so really neat looking up high. after, it was us for Apsley house, renovated residence of the 1st Duke of Wellington, which was just the best, b/c everything looked like it did then. and after that - WE GOT TIX TO THE REDUCED SHAKESPEARE CO's Wm Skspre abridged!!! and it was GREAT! in Piccadilly Circle. ANd my internet is going to run thats it folks. later!!!