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Words are Wonderful - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
Words are Wonderful
Well, I'm packing everything up, and I had to take all my college word magnets off of my fridge. :( HOWEVER, I feel that there are some things that just shouldn't be lost to posterity, so here we have the


5) Make It Party Time Babe - Studying Sucks
4) Worst Anatomy On Campus
3) Miss Varsity Clueless
2) For Lust Or Financial-Aid

And the number one funniest combo:

1) My Boy Is A Remedial Jerk

Ahh, great when people come over and leave things like that on my fridge!

Today, turned in last project and am DONE with finals! To celebrate, went to job and worked 5 hrs straight ($40.00), then came home in rain to sit for (literally) 6.5 hrs at computer designing and coding professor's website. Am half done (which gets me $250.00) and will prob. be able to finish all by friday night (another $250.00!).
Will soon be wealthy woman, and will walk around singing annoying Destiny's Child Independent Woman song to all random strangers in my path.
Now, must pack everything in creation into space small enough to fit in Grand Caravan responsible for transportation back to Jersey. Ook. Here I go...

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playing in the clubhouse: Saves the Day - This is Not an Exit

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