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Man, I am so lazy and sluggish right now...due to large dinner at Chili's with Michelle. Ok, so this totally pissed me off...we walked in, and there was this HUGE sign that said, "If your waiter doesn't offer you a Marguerita Presidente, you get a free appetizer."
So of course, poor college kids that we are, Michelle and I schemed and plotted by hiding every possible waiter-clue that we could find (such as the Marguerita menu) so that he would forget. And he DID.
So, playing it cool, we ordered our food (including an appetizer) and commenced eating. Then, when he asked if we wanted our check, I casually reminded him that he hadn't asked us if we wanted a margerita. We thought this was foolproof way to get free food.
We were so wrong.
It turns out, you can only get a certain kind of free appetizer, which is apparently basically a cup of cheese....False Advertising!!!!! I know my friends Pam and Kevin would be overjoyed at the thought of a free cup of cheese, but I must say, we were less than pleased.
We both agreed that legally, that sign should say, "if your waiter doesn't offer you a Marguerita Presidente, you get a FREE CUP OF CHEESE!"
Anyway, believe it or not, *interesting* things have been happening, I've just been too busy and lazy to write them down...but I shall begin again now that I'm done with finals (but not jobs). Still busy setting up website for professor, etc. *sigh* anyone know how to link frames in HTML? I didn't think so...
Tags: annoyances, chili's, michelle, rip-offs

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