Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Wandering Minds...

So my sister and I are taking a trip to Europe this summer, and I've been working really hard for about a year to earn the money to go. My grandmother is aware of this. So, about a week ago she emails me and says, I have decided to give you and Amanda each $1000 for your European trip. I'll send it out tomorrow.
So I get the check in the mail, and the address says, you know, my name and address and all. I look at the check to see that it says $1000 'cause I can hardly believe my good luck, and I realize that, although the amount is right, the name is my first name and my cousin's last name!! Somehow I didn't think the bank would buy the excuse of old people with wandering minds, so I emailed Grandma. Her reply?
"Ok, I will send out a new check right away. Boy, it's a good thing I don't have more grandchildren, or I'd be in a real fix!"
Heeheehee. She's adorable.
Tags: europe, family, grandma j

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