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One more time!

OK FOLKS. This will be my LAST POST until...as long as I can stand it. I am quarantining myself from LJ and other frivolous pursuits until after finals.

I will still check email - so if you have something really important to tell me you can reply to this post and I'll see it. I will still take phone calls. But I won't be reading friends' journals. I have put my foot down on my own bad behavior! No more wasting time!

Since I know you are all very downcast and brokenhearted about this, I will leave you with a couple of happier thoughts (well, if you are a girl at least...)

And here they are (my current desktop decorations):

Dylan Moran

1. 2.

Dylan, on the material he's using for his tour:
Dylan: "Oh I don't know, don't ask that, Ed! I'm still doing it, I don't know."
Ed: "He hasn't written it yet."
Dylan: "No, I haven't written it. I have, I have! It's everything, you know - life and death and love and sex and crisps."


Henry Cavill

1. 2.


I promise I will return once I have waded through the massive amount of shite that is finals time.
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