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Arbeit ist Scheiße

Title courtesy of michelle! I agree completely though, as I am on one of my back-to-back work days. Unpleasant? yes, it is, but that is the sacrifice one makes if one wants to survive college without resorting to life in a cardboard box. As always, Indiana delights in hitting us with weird weather, so after the nice april-type breezes of a couple of days ago, naturally it has rained for hours on end. This is especially nice since it seems to start JUST as I'm walking out the door every time. But I can deal with that, because after all, pneumonia is the sickness of champions...or something. At any rate, I can't worry about that, because I am more concerned with... making it to class with (some?) reading done. and not falling asleep once there. luckily, today was one of my better days. That was great because that meant I would be sleepy just in time for Work Number One. Fortunately, Amusing Coworkers kept me from sleep and also from getting much work done in the last hour. Instead, we reminisced about those wonderful freshman memories that stay lodged in the shared closet of our brain until we finally expunge them, possibly with a shotgun. But we can't dwell on that too long, because once done with work, I must leave for....work. of course. Ahhh, if only all days were as long and agonizing as today...wait, wait, hold on...they are!
Anyway, today was made worthwhile despite work and class because I discovered a new combination of chocolate and peanut butter goodness... mmm, Fast Break. gotta love Reeses. Well; enough of my boring life.
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