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I meant to post about this earlier, but school got in the way :)

Wow. You know, before, I would joke about having his children. But now? Fer real, people. Jon, we love you.

I read the transcript of the Crossfire show before, but I just watched the video, and it is that much better to see Jon all seriously trying to have a conversation with those two jackoffs, who are clearly all like, WTF this is Jon Stewart and we have to actually face a real confrontation instead of just joking around?? I mean I can't BELIEVE the line where Jackoff 1 is all "I wouldn't want to have dinner with you, do you lecture people at dinner?" I mean, what? Shut it, bitch, and quit yer whining. You're supposed to be a journalist. Is Jon not allowed to say anything that isn't a joke?

He should have been ready. If you have ever watched the Daily Show, it is CLEAR that Jon is a very intelligent person (despite all the jokes) and very well informed. I mean, you have to be; if you are going to make really good fun of stuff, you have to understand it first. And it is also CLEAR what his political views are. And even on his show, which does come after "a bunch of puppets making crank phone calls," Jon is sometimes incisive. So I can't believe how unprepared they were for him.

But how sad is it that the integrity of our newscasters is more obvious in a Comedy Central news anchorman than in those 2 yahoos?

And how sad is it that Crossfire takes place on my campus and I missed seeing this live?

Anyway, HERE is the video link, although for some reason everyone looks blue. If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH. And cheer for Mr. Daily Show himself.
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