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THE AMAZING JON STEWART - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
I meant to post about this earlier, but school got in the way :)

Wow. You know, before, I would joke about having his children. But now? Fer real, people. Jon, we love you.

I read the transcript of the Crossfire show before, but I just watched the video, and it is that much better to see Jon all seriously trying to have a conversation with those two jackoffs, who are clearly all like, WTF this is Jon Stewart and we have to actually face a real confrontation instead of just joking around?? I mean I can't BELIEVE the line where Jackoff 1 is all "I wouldn't want to have dinner with you, do you lecture people at dinner?" I mean, what? Shut it, bitch, and quit yer whining. You're supposed to be a journalist. Is Jon not allowed to say anything that isn't a joke?

He should have been ready. If you have ever watched the Daily Show, it is CLEAR that Jon is a very intelligent person (despite all the jokes) and very well informed. I mean, you have to be; if you are going to make really good fun of stuff, you have to understand it first. And it is also CLEAR what his political views are. And even on his show, which does come after "a bunch of puppets making crank phone calls," Jon is sometimes incisive. So I can't believe how unprepared they were for him.

But how sad is it that the integrity of our newscasters is more obvious in a Comedy Central news anchorman than in those 2 yahoos?

And how sad is it that Crossfire takes place on my campus and I missed seeing this live?

Anyway, HERE is the video link, although for some reason everyone looks blue. If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH. And cheer for Mr. Daily Show himself.

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milestogo13 From: milestogo13 Date: October 20th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC) (current file)
Absolutely beautiful, wasn't it?

It's a well-known fact, at least among stand-up comedians (of which I happen to be one), that it takes a great deal of intelligence to pretend to be dumb and make it work. Satire is one of the most mentally taxing activities you can undertake, at least if you want it to be good. You can't be a George Carlin, a Jon Stewart, or a Bill Hicks without having one helluva brain sitting in your head. Topical comedy takes an understanding of an issue that has to run deeper than actually just reporting on it. Reporting is regurgitation, glancing off the surface. Comedy is dissecting, digging deep and figuring out exactly why it should be funny, and why everyone should care.

This fact, however, appears to have escaped the staff of Crossfire.

Sorry for the mini-thesis, it's hard to be both an actual journalist and a stand-up comedian. I'm my own arch enemy. Every now and then I tie myself to a table with a laser set up over it and give myself speeches on how I've waited a long time to finally get my hands on me.

Yeah, I'm hyper at the moment, sorry.
foresthouse From: foresthouse Date: October 20th, 2004 08:09 pm (UTC) (current file)
heehee. I like hyper Richard. He makes me laugh.
Well, I am not at all a stand-up comedian, but just by using my super-amazing powers of deduction I figured out the exact point that you are talking about - you really have to KNOW what you are talking about before you make fun of it in a way that other people will get.

I actually majored in journalism as one of my areas of study, but I was so disgusted with the state of journalism today, that I didn't even want to work most places that would have been good career moves. Law is better for me anyway :)

Oh yeah. And you need to come visit DC, Mr. Stand-up. Cause I need a laugh right now, after taking a cursory glance at my "to-do" list. Oy. Back to work for me.
wombat824 From: wombat824 Date: October 21st, 2004 10:40 am (UTC) (current file)

jon stewart rocks my friggin world

thank you for posting the link! i live in a land without cable, and i've been meaning to track this down on the internet. and it was really amazing. amazing that these purported news anchors, who are supposedly running a show all about intelligent debate could not handle being challenged, and could not react in anyway, except (as you already pointed out) whining about how it wouldn't be fun to eat dinner with him. what the fuck! they didn't invite him so he could ask them about their wives and kids. he doesn't pull any punches on his own show (despite what they may say about his interview with kerry), why the hell is he going to start doing so on a show that he is on the record as saying is an example of what's wrong with american journalism. and i could sort of see being upset at the time - they're not used to being really challenged outside of (or because of) the accepted theater of what they do. but as you can see here they are still bitching about it, trying to make it seem like he was the stupid nutcase for daring to criticize their sacred "objective" newscast. scroll to the bottom to see one of them say "It's not AIDS. It's not Iraq. It's not the deficit. Indeed, it's CROSSFIRE that is killing America," which is just distorting the point. stupids.

so anyway, jon stewart rocks my world. his show is the one thing that makes me very sad about my cable-lessness
foresthouse From: foresthouse Date: October 21st, 2004 11:04 am (UTC) (current file)

Re: jon stewart rocks my friggin world

That link was great.
I can't understand how these people don't realize how bad this makes them (and their show) look.
At least to people like us.
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