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Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
Hey guys, 3 days left to help me get to the final round! Voting ends at 5pm EST on Monday, so I need all the votes I can get each day before then! Please remember to vote!! :D


(Or search for username "emilyesse" if the link breaks for any reason)


(updated every hour so you can see how I'm doing!)

Note: I seem to do really well in the mornings but drop down by afternoon, so the leaderboard can be a little deceptive. Even if I look like I'm doing well, I really need your votes!!


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Pleeeeeease go and vote for me for the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest? :)

I keep getting into the top 20 but falling out again by the end of the day; and I need to get enough votes to still be in that top 20 by 5pm EST Monday when voting closes! So please go and vote for me, at least once if not every day, through Monday!!

Quick voting link

More details and links and background of the contest

YOu guys, if I win, I COULD GET TO BE ON A NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO BOOK. Please help? :)

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Here is your daily reminder (and/or my daily desperate plea) to go vote for me in the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest!

I am falling in the rankings, my friends. :( I have *such* a good chance of being in the top 20 come May 2nd, but I need lots of votes every day to get there!

So...please vote? *puppy dog eyes*


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Hey guys, please remember to keep voting for me in the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest? :)

I'm still in the top 20 but falling fast because everyone else there apparently has live studio audiences on speed dial and calls them up to tell them to vote anytime I start to inch up in the rankings! ...Okay, I really don't know HOW they're getting so many votes, because I know a bunch of people are voting for me too, and I don't want to pester y'all* too* many times about this; and it may be that they've trained their pets to vote for them too (I have no pets, woe); or that they're serenading people in WiFi-rich coffee shops until all the patrons vote for them (actually, that's not a bad idea...who wants to hear me do Guys and Dolls?) or that they have 100 relatives with email addresses per square inch (I only have 5); but the point is they're inching me out, and I need your helllllp to win. :)

There's a week left in the contest, after which one of the top 20 folks will be chosen to go to NY and be on the American Gods audiobook. I'd really like to make it to that final 20 and with enough votes, I totally can!

So if you want to help, please register and vote for me here:

Vote vote? :)

And yes, it'd be awesome if you vote once a day, but every vote counts, so even just voting once or twice will help me out so much!

And if you want to see how I'm doing each day, the current and frequently updated leaderboard is HERE.

Thanks, all! I really appreciate everone helping we with this! :)

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So you guys, I am in the top 20 for this contest right now (!!). The top 20 at the close of this round (5pm EST May 2nd) move on to the final round of the contest, and the winner of THAT round gets an all-expenses trip to NYC, a phone chat with Neil Gaiman, and a bit part on the new audiobook for American Gods (and a free copy of said audiobook). A pretty neat prize, eh?

Now of course, even if I am in the top 20 at the end of this round, it doesn't mean I will win overall; but at least I'll have a 1 in 20 chance of winning! The problem with this contest is, to STAY in the top 20, I have to have more and more people continually voting for me each day until May 2. Because not only do all the other people have folks voting for them every day, but there have been several people already who have come out of nowhere (aka 100 votes behind the leaders, or MORE) and leapfrogged into the top 20. I have no idea HOW they do it -but in order for me not to get knocked out, I need lots of folks to keep on voting, and hopefully to get other people to vote for me too.

I know going to vote for someone every day for *checks calendar* 12 more days is kind of annoying; but that's the way the contest is set up, unfortunately, and I really would like to make the next round. :) HOWEVER, it's really not that hard (simple registration and then 1 vote per day), so I hope all of you will help me with this. :D Also, to ease the pain, I've started giving out little prizes (handmade clay miniatures, to be made as per the prize-winner's request) to a random Twitter retweeter for every goal # of votes I arrive at on a given day. So if you are on Twitter, feel free to RT the contest link and enter that little contest yourself. (And here are a few examples of clay things I've made).*

Link to vote for me!

LeaderBoard as of 4/20/2011, 2pm

Here is my own fairly accurate LeaderBoard, which I will try to update periodically; although things can change quickly, and for instance the person at #7 now somehow jumped 16 places from midnight last night to today to get there. O_o But at least this gives some idea of who is where:

Top 20

1) rpincus -447
2) mzaudiogrl -386
3) Joeysghost -374
4) Bradfromga -358
5) akoski -343
6) skpeed101 -340
7) mormolyke -333
8) nhouser -325
9) nicoconut -323
10) goldenally -316
11) MCW -312
12) mt1848 -303
13) bwalton -297
14) natheyde -295
15) cnovales -295
16) Bohanski -291
17) Killmobile -288
18) emilyesse -280 (ME!)
19) rhemiel -276
20) bigjerbear -273 & Lbottom33 -273

Contenders for Top 20

22) smtlibrary -254
23) angel_VO -250
24) smhandy -239
25) IKtheTroll 237
26) DarlaMoore -230
27) aolcese -226
28) karehde086 -224
29) drnovick -214
30) rubah -197

[Also, here is the "Official" Leaderboard, but it's not updated very often (2 days could go by before an update!)]

ETA: Here is what seems to be a fairly accurate automated script list that updates every hour. I think it was having some trouble at first, so it may not be 100% reliable, but it seems pretty good now!

Automated Standings List

(Thanks for that handy tool go to Aneel.)

As you can see, there are a lot of people right below me who could easily get ahead. I try not to ask too many things of people, but PLEASE go and vote for me to help me stay in the game, everyone! :) Every day would be awesome, but even one or two votes per person will help! Thanks!!

*I had someone on Twitter ask me if I thought it was "a bit shady" to "bribe" people with something like the little prizes; well, no, I really don't. Only a couple of RT-ers out of about 30 people so far have been folks I don't already know; and all 4 prizewinners so far have been friends. I don't doubt that 85-90% of the people who have RT'd so far would have done it anyway, and voted anyway. While the prizes *might* be having some helpful impact on votes (and I hope they are), I started doing that just to make up for spamming all my friends so much, and to make it a little more fun for those helping me. I hope that's understood! :)

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So I've entered the contest to win a trip to NYC and be on the new audiobook for Neil Gaiman's American Gods. To get to the final round, all you need is tons of votes! So...I need tons of votes!

To help me win, you can simply register (takes 1 minute, so easy!) and vote once per day from now through May 2. Every vote counts, so the earlier and more often each person votes, the better!!

To make it a little more fun, I'm doing silly little things on Twitter for each vote. Yesterday, it was haikus:


Vote33: Ode to Marshmallows - So squishy, gooey // sometimes crispy. I like to // roast them over fires

Vote34: Patterns - I hate your hot pink // zebra stripe tank top. It fights // with your leopard skirt.

Vote35: Shopping - It's so easy now! // All things can be bought online. // Stores are still more fun.

Vote36: GRRM Geek - So excited for // Game of Thrones! And I'm a GIRRRRL! // Suck it, N Y T!

Vote37! Smallville - He's not Superman // but ooh he sure is pretty. // ...A bit whiny though.

Vote 38! Deadpool Movie - A canon story // @RhettReese and Ryan Reynolds // The best thing ever!

Vote 39! Help From My Friends - So close to 40 // Such a pretty, round number // Vote and help me win!

Vote40! Feegles - They're small and wily // & love to cuss, fight, & drink // & they're so darned cute!

Vote41! Harley Quinn - She and Deadpool match // and he's nuts like the Joker // crossover fic, yes?

Today, it's photos of geek things I own.

ALSO today, it's a handmade clay miniature for a random RTer if I get to 100 votes. I'm over 60 now - it could happen!

Vote, retweet, and help me win??



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Guess what, everyone? I entered a Thing! Otherwise known as the Neil Gaiman Audiobook Contest, which I'd absolutely love to win! There are 2 rounds to it, and the way to move past Round 1 is to be in the top 20 people to have the most votes. I know it's a bit of a long shot, but if everyone helps me, I might be able to get there!

Each person can vote once per day from now through May 2. All you need to do is create a quick login ID, go to my entry, and click 2 buttons. (And don't forget to do it each day!) Voila!!

The link to my entry is below. Please vote daily and help spread the word? :) Thanks, all!

Vote here!

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You guys, it is late and I am tired and so this will be short, but I felt the need to make sure EVERYONE KNOWS that:

@foresthouse: The publishing/writing world done gone crazy with douchebaggery today and @cleolinda summarized it all. Read this post: http://bit.ly/ekcvKj

Seriously, go read cleolinda's post and the accompanying links. Contained therein:

a) An editor trying to (what do we call it? Not whitewash, because it's sex, not race this time...straightwash? Okay) straightwash a story with a gay male couple so that the romance is male/female instead;

b) Dorchester Publishing continuing to publish writers' work while not paying them;


c) Scott Adams of Dilbert fame being the biggest douche I ever did see saying men should and/or do deal with women who complain about inequalities suffered due to their gender in the same way they would deal with four-year-old children and the mentally handicapped. And then calling an entire website run by females uneducated and overemotional when they commented (unfavorably) on his post. Because only people like the regular readers of Scott Adams' Dilbert blog are RATIONAL enough and have a HIGH ENOUGH READING COMPREHENSION to understand him. According to Scott Adams, at least.

To which I say: up yours, Scott Adams. I and my reading comprehension skills and my degree in Political Science and Theory and my degree in Journalism (with a 3.96 GPA from a top ten journalism school) and my degree in Business (again, from a top ranked business school) and my Juris Doctor (from a top 20 law school) would like to challenge you and your "rational readers" and your reading comprehension skills to a duel. Because I am not one to wave my education around and say, "hey, I got a DEGREE, that must mean I'm SMART," but I very highly doubt that I would have been able to successfully graduate with degrees and high grades in all of these different areas of study if I had a low reading comprehension, and I would also bet solid money that my reading comprehension could match or exceed yours any day of the week. And I still think you're an asshat. I am sorry, Scott Adams. Low reading comprehension is not the reason that people are disagreeing with you and are angry with what you've said. The fact that you are an idiot is.

Needless to say, all of these things that happened today are Not Cool, but I think the Scott Adams thing takes the cake (a hard thing to do, this particular day!) for the sheer level of stupidity and asshattery displayed.


ETA: OH YES. BUT. How could I have forgotten?? As the antidote to all of this ridiculous bullshit, particle_person offers us this:

BioWare tells 'Straight Male Gamer' to 'get over it'

And my faith in the world is suddenly a teensy bit restored.

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Everybody has favorite places to go when shopping. For me, when it comes to things like work clothes, I often head first to Express, The Limited, or sometimes Ann Taylor. When it comes to a really fancy dress, I'll browse BCBG (preferably the sales rack!). And when it comes to clothes that are just a little bit unusual and funky (or occasionally, full-on costume-wear), I often turn to Clockwork Couture, as introduced to me by, if I am recalling correctly, the lovely maudelynn.

Steampunk's been in vogue for awhile now, and I doubt it's leaving anytime soon. Why should it? It's both retro and modernesque, with gears and goggles and funky metal bits a-plenty, and it looks darned cool. Clockwork Couture is a nifty shop - not only are its clothes geared towards the steampunk and "neo-Victorian" set (and its website copy is written as if from that point of view), but it is, as far as I can tell, almost the web equivalent of a mom and pop store (only not actually run by people the ages of mom and pop!) in that I think they have just one actual storefront and the online venue, and a relatively small staff to run those things (although I could be mistaken?). Despite the apparently small scale staff, the mail-order service has excellent delivery time and customer service response time and, to date, I've never had a problem with it. Also, they rescue cute animals. Aw.


Click around and you will see that the store offers everything from stuff you could wear with your everyday outfits to things that lend themselves to serious costuming (like, say, steampunk corsetry). They also usually have a pretty good collection of interesting footwear (booooots!!). While I haven't loved 100% of the things I've bought from them, I have loved about 95% (and was able to return or exchange the stuff that didn't fit right, etc.). That's a pretty good percentage when it comes to online shopping.

One thing I should mention is that, due to the way they sell their clothes (selling until sold out and not usually re-stocking) many of the items I've bought are no longer available from the store (although with diligent searching sometimes you can find the items at other retailers, since most of the items carried aren't actually Clockwork Couture brand). But! That's part of the fun with more unique clothes, eh?

And now, A Sampling of Stuff I've Bought From Clockwork Couture. [Please note: Due to my slightly haphazard way of photographing ensembles before realizing I wanted to do a whole entry on Clockwork Couture, there will be a couple of other pieces in this collection that are NOT CC but still deserve discussion. So, I shall discuss. BECAUSE I CAN.]

And now, the clothes. Steampunk photos ahoy!Collapse )


Poll #1722223 And lo, there was a gear-laden poll!

My thoughts on steampunk couture, let me show you them:

So. Very. Funky. Cool.
Eh; A bit passe.
Great for costuming, not for everyday.
Every day of the week, steampunk it is!
Just a touch - steampunk accessories are keen!
I don't understaaaand. What is steampunk?
Clothes? I just want to build things with gears!

I like, I like!

Light As Air Overcoat
Le Fae Verte Corset
Black skirt - no one knows where it's from but I still like it
Spatterdash Boots
Pilot Necklace
Coat of Metallurgy
Express brown stretch skirt - they *should* totally bring those back!
Gears O' Plenty Boots
Swarovski jewelry - sparkly!
Cloak and Dagger Trench
Tsubo Boots

Eh, I'm not impressed.

Light As Air Overcoat
Le Fae Verte Corset
Black skirt - no one knows where it's from but I still like it
Spatterdash Boots
Pilot Necklace
Coat of Metallurgy
Express brown stretch skirt - they *should* totally bring those back!
Gears O' Plenty Boots
Swarovski jewelry - sparkly!
Cloak and Dagger Trench
Tsubo Boots

My favorite place to shop for unusual or steampunk clothing is:

My favorite piece of steampunk-ish or Victorian clothing that I own is:

My favorite steampunk story or novel is:

If I was going to build, or draw, a steampunk machine, it would be:



Fashion Watch #2: Koolaburra Victoria Boots!
Fashion Watch #1: We Love Houndstooth

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So as promised, I have finally gotten a minute to write about the boots I won from The Possessionista (and Koolaburra of course!) in the "31 Days of Giveaways" contest! (And FYI I found The Possessionista after The Fug Girls recommended the site in one of their link posts. So thanks, Heather and Jessica!)

First of all, here they are:

More pics under the cut!Collapse )

My thoughts:

Well first, I have to mention that this brand seems to be all the rage with celebrities these days. So it's pretty fun to have some boots that all the fancy folk are swanning about in. :)

And now, on to the boots:

These boots are excellent quality, and super comfortable (as well as very warm). They're made of soft leather, with removable/replaceable sheepskin insoles. The rubber soles have great grip (something SO MANY womens' shoes/boots lack, which I'll never understand. WE DON'T WANT TO FALL DOWN, SHOE DESIGNERS). The "mummy straps" (hee) can be used to tighten them around your legs and seem to hold pretty well.

The look is pretty unique, with the over-the-knee slouch and the crossover straps and all. I love the little rivets on the straps - they add to the look. One interesting thing is that these boots are, in general construction/utility (sheepskin, warmth, domed toe, etc.), a little bit like a fancy Ugg. And I really, really hate how Uggs look (they make everyone look like they have fat feet!). HOWEVER. Somehow Koolaburra has managed to make a stylish boot that functions the same as an Ugg without being ugly like one (no fat feet here!). So that is totally awesome! Thumbs up to their designers! So: overall, I really like the look.

Unfortunately I'm not sure they are quite fancy enough to serve as boots I can wear to work (silly *lawyer* clothes!) but they are definitely great for weekend out-and-about or going out or hanging out boots (and if your work is a little more casual you could definitely get away with them there, too).

I'm a little unsure what I think they look best with as yet (pants, dress, etc.) but I think they can function with both.

And now, what do you think?

Poll #1717173 There's always a poll!

Do you like these?

Yes, they're raaaaad.
No, they're weird!
I think...I can't decide.
I will tell you in detail what I think of them. To the comments!!

Would you wear these boots with:

Totally my bathing suit, yo. :P
Other things, and I will tell you in the comments.

In general, do you like Ugg-style boots?

Why do so many college women wear them?
Have you ever noticed they're always also wearing sweatpants with writing on the butt?
Seriously, why do they think that's attractive?

Do you think these boots escape looking Ugg-like?

They've got strappy things! Woo!

Which celebrity do you fear I'll turn into if I wear these out and about?

Lindsay Lohan. Don't forget: tights are not pants!!
Kim Kardashian, heaven help you.
Ashley Tisdale - who is she again? I forget. I feel like I should know this.
Vanessa Hudgens
Some other celeb; wow, there are a lot wearing these boots.



Fashion Watch #1: We Love Houndstooth

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OHMYGOSH YOU GUYS I know it's been forever since I've updated; where does the time gooooooooo??? (Or gooooeeeeeee, as Vimes from Discworld might spell it. :P)

Anyway, this is a quick post to say I was on Episode 40 of the fantastic and geeky Made of Fail podcast this past week, talking about the whole "YA Mafia" debate that exploded in Young Adult publishing circles recently. Also on the ep: host Kevin; replacement-for-Dayna host cleolinda, and Ceilidh of The Sparkle Project (where the "YA Mafia" term originated). I think we talked about a lot of really interesting points. Go listen!!

Made of Fail - Episode 40: Join YA Mafia Wars [Accept/Deny]

And even if you don't care to listen to the podcast, you at least have to click on over to see the photo of Cleolinda's "I Just Wanna Be A Doper Person" cross-stitch (sent to her by a reader). Oh, Kanye. Hee!

Also YA writer Kate Hart was kind enough to include a few of my thoughts on the whole thing in her Field Trip Friday Twitter roundup of "best publishing, reading, and writing tweets of the week." Aw.


And, and, and...oh man, there is just sooooo much going on. The North American Discworld Convention continues to build momentum and more and more cool things are coming together in prep for that. There will be cool new program items with never-before-seen stuff, and a great list of guests, including of course Sir Terry Pratchett himself, and maybe even a couple of guests to still add to the list (we shall see!). We've got over 600 registered now (cutoff is 1,000, so go go go register!). The banquet tickets are on sale (and the meal descriptions are classic Discworld!) and we're continuing to add cool merchandise (YOU NEED DISCWORLD PLUSHIES, CON ATTENDEES. Seriously, they're SO. CUTE.) The official con jewelry has been finalized (I love it so much I want mine now alreadyyyyy!) and should be on sale in the next week or so.

And in my personal preparations, I've got at least 1/3 of all 5 costumes ready to go. The other 2/3...um...working on it!! :)

So. Much. Excitement!

Speaking of Sir Terry, Terry Pratchett will be on The Kiosk (Dublin radio) this weekend

Also, UK Royal Mail Releases Stamp Set Featuring Famous Wizards, Witches, Enchanters! Rincewind and Nanny Ogg from Discworld are featured. They're selling postcards, too (on the Royal Mail site).

In other sci-fi/fantasy book news, Science fiction author begins war of the books worlds

Word, Stephen Hunt. So much word.


And, oh, have I mentioned recently that I am continuing to do comics for the Reelzchannel movie news site? (Most recently the Deadpool Presents the Oscars comic.) Working on a script right now, and it looks like there may be several more in the future. I love writing them - I hope people are enjoying them! :)


Oh, and in other completely unrelated stuff, snacky's Snack Food Deathmatch is going on right now! It's fun to vote! Today I voted for candy corn; though if we were talking JUST utilitarian purposes as opposed to taste, I'd have voted for Peeps because of Peeps dioramas. HEEEEE.


Aaaaaand in random Tumblr stuff, things that made me laugh recently:


OMG, I laughed and laughed at this. And not just because I <3 Vincent D'Onofrio and his character Bobby Goren. WHO IS COMING BACK TO LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT THIS MAY!!!!! AYO!! :D :D :D

The most awesome thing ever since Green Lantern Batman. HEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEE. (Somewhere, Lisa Frank is muttering about IP infringement.)

Aaaaaand finally, hey, anyone remember the awesome catwalk catfight from Chuck?

Yeah, even as a straight woman I'll say that catfight was HOT. (And featured shoe daggers, always a plus!) Also I liked the song, so I looked it up. And you thought British people were all polite and demure. ;P

I also recommend Keep Yourself Warm by Frightened Rabbit. Also featured on Chuck where somebody in production is consistently choosing fan-freakin-tastic music.

-Emily out-

ETA: Exciting exciting things are in the offing for Terry Pratchett and Discworld works on TV! I posted recently about the Good Omens four-part miniseries that is now in the works. Now, I can report that a TV series featuring new storylines focusing on Terry's City Watch characters has also gotten the green light. (Full press release at the link.) WOOOOOOO! I cannot begin to describe how excited I am about this. YAY!

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So you all know the Oscars are tomorrow, right? Well before you watch them (if you're planning on it!) you should totally check out my newest comic for Reelzchannel.com (with artist Marc Vuletich), Deadpool Presents...the Oscars!!!!!.

Do you agree with Deadpool? Is he totally off? Inquiring minds want to know.

Poll #1710733 Is Deadpool Right or Wrong?

Do you agree with Deadpool's predictions?

Maybe so
I will tell you in the comments what *I* predict
Kermit Kermit!!

In related good news (for me, at least!), Reelzchannel (being insane, clearly) is going to let me and Marc DO EVEN MORE COMICS. So stay tuned for more Deadpool and stuff (or, um, ignore it if you just don't caaaaare). :D

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So last month, The Possessionista, which I found via The Fug Girls on Go Fug Yourself (my favorite fashion site EVAR), did a contest called "31 Days of Giveaways." And I, being the eternal optimist, entered every single day, even though I (being also a realist) figured I wouldn't win.

But guess what? I DID WIN. And I won something awesome. These Koolaburra Victoria boots, in black. (Which are apparently the brand being worn by Celebrities Everywhere, although I promise when I put them on I will NOT turn into Lindsay Lohan.)

They just arrived in the mail, and I have only gotten to try them on thus far (SOOOO wearing them out next time I leave the apartment) but they are absolutely fab as far as I can tell, and it occurred to me that I should really take a photo of them to post here when I wear them out for the first time. (Hey, I am glad to give the company a bit of free advertising when the product really is great!) So I shall do that. But in the meantime, it also occurred to me that maybe it would be fun to share some other fashion thoughts and finds I have found in recent months and totally love.

Let's start simple. In the last month, I've noticed a fair amount of large print houndstooth showing up in the city, which I think is great, because the big print version of it in particular can be really striking. (The small print version is okay, too, though it's not as pleasing to me, depending on how it's used. For some reason if it hits some middle ground in size sometimes I think it looks ugly.) And I don't know if I'm just tuned in to it recently for some reason, or if it really is becoming a new trend (maybe it's been here for months and I'm just noticing, who knows?), but if it is a new thing apparently I got ahead of the curve on this one, because I bought this awesome shawl in October. And I love it.

(Fringed houndstooth shawl, $15, Soho street shop, NYC)

Even though I bought it in October, it's actually the perfect weight for upcoming breezy-but-warmer spring weather. And the pattern is really what makes it pop. So, whether I'm getting in with the trend, way behind, or just forging ahead on my own opinion, I say large print houndstooth should be The Thing (or one of the Things) this Spring.

And although this one's a little more of a cold-weather thing, here's a great example of a striking wardrobe piece made with this pattern.

Oh, how I covet that coat.


Poll #1707328 And then there was a poll!

Do you like posts about my fashion thoughts and finds?

Don't care
I'd like posts about specific items.
I'd prefer posts about trends.
I like posts combining specific items AND trends.

What do you think of houndstooth?

It's fantastic!
It's ugly. :(
It's okay.
I like the big pattern but not the tiny one.
I like the tiny pattern but not the big one.
It's going to be big!
It's so last year.
I will tell you my inspired fashion thoughts in the comments.

I play around with costuming, too. Do you want to see thoughts on that, too?

Yes, I'd like to read about specific items found for costuming.
No, I don't caaaaaare go away.
I'd like to see items AND full costumes.
I'd be interested in reading about a full ensemble.

What is your favorite fashion blog or site?

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Yes, it's true! As reported by SFX Magazine and referenced on Wired, Digital Spy, and Bleeding Cool, Sir Terry announced at the SFX Weekender convention this past weekend that a four-part TV adaptation of the much-loved Pratchett-Gaiman collaboration, Good Omens, has been confirmed! No other sure details are available as yet, although as you can see, rumors as to who else is involved (e.g. that Gavin Scott, best known for writing the screenplay to Small Soldiers, and former Monty Pythoner Terry Jones, are in talks to script the series) have already been circulating. (ETA: And here's a first-hand account of the announcement and talk, complete with fuzzy audio, from Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi. Terry also notes that he has finished the newest Discworld novel, Snuff, and sent it off to the editors.)

More news as it comes! But whatever the news to come, this is a very exciting start indeed! Cheers!

I nearly forgot to add: exciting news from one of our guests for The North American Discworld Convention 2011, illustrator Stephen Player. Stephen has send us the following regarding a new Discworld board game!

The Discworld comes to Z-Man

Summer 2011
Z-Man Games to release Guards! Guards! a Discworld® Boardgame. Based on the best selling books of Sir Terry Pratchett®, Guards! Guards! truly captures the almost addictive mix of myth, magic and comic adventure that will instantly feel like home to the many thousands of Discworld fans out there and give a warm, fluffy welcome to those who have yet to dip their toe in the veritable ocean of wondrous workscreated by one of the world’s best selling fantasy authors.

The game sees players taking on the role of newly recruited members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. With the Eight Great Spells missing from the Unseen University® the future of the city hangs in the balance. Each player is tasked to collect and return a number of the spells to the University before the news of their loss gets out and chaos ensues.

On their quest to save the Discworld, the players are faced with the many hazards of everyday life in Ankh-Morpork - the Discworld’s oldest, grubbiest, and least law-abiding city. Some perils are thrust upon them by the hand of fate. Others are directed at them by their opponents in the shape of sneaky guild abilities, or skulking saboteurs, secretly planted to disrupt their attempts to return the Great Spells to the Unseen University. Add to this the constant threat of being trampled by the Luggage, an 800-pound magical chest thundering endlessly through the city on hundreds of little legs, and the players soon learn that life on the Discworld is not always easy.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. “The Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night,” a secret society with a mind to overthrow the governing powers of Ankh-Morpork, put in motion their plan to magically summon a Greater Dragon to the city.

With over 90 characters cards illustrated by Discworld Artist Stephen Player, each carrying a short quotation defining the character in the author's own words, the players are quickly immersed in the magical and wonderful world created by Terry Pratchett.

Backspindle Games
New to the scene, designers Leonard Boyd & David Brashaw bring a fresh approach to this boardgame. Both long time game fans and avid readers of Terry Pratchett’s books, the unlikely team of talented graphic designer Leonard and three-time Karate world champion David, have produced a game that is visually enticing, strategically challenging, but above all great fun!

WOO! Very exciting! I know I want one. :)

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First off, I have my 3-month check-up for my right eye, and 1-month for my left, tomorrow. Am looking forward to seeing how my vision is doing (well, I hope)!

And speaking of my eye surgeries, as you may have seen, thanks to so many wonderful people donating items and money and helping to get the word out, I am *very close* to having the full amount I need to cover my eye surgeries and medical expenses!! WOOOOO!!

There is just one bill left that needs paying, so we are closing out the auctions with one final piece, an original sketch of DC Comics' Black Canary by John K. Snyder III! Woo! Bidding starts at $75, which is a SUPER good deal for an original of this caliber. So head on over and take a look!

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In other news, Henry Cavill has been cast as Zack Snyder's 'Superman: Man of Steel'

Yes, I know he's British, so it's a little bit crazy that he's been cast as the all-American superhero, here. HOWEVER. Cavill is a very good actor (hem, Brandon Routh, hem), and he looks the part, so if he can do a credible American accent, too...well, movies are all about people pretending to be who they're not anyway, so what's the problem? Not to mention Jerry Siegel was a first-generation American (his parents were immigrants from Lithuania) and Joe Shuster was born in Canada. And Superman's an alien anyway. So, you know, it's actually very American to have someone from elsewhere playing Superman; because unless you're Native American Indian - then, you, like the rest of the U.S., originally came from somewhere else too. Heh.

Also, let's face it, Henry Cavill looks the part, and he's gorrrgeous, and we are shallow people who appreciate that fact (well I am, anyway. Occasionally). We here at Foresthouse Central have been shameless advocates of Henry Cavill since watching I Capture the Castle and The Count of Monte Cristo way back whenever, as can be seen by our completely shameless fangirling as far back as 2004. So we (the royal we) are VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS NEWS. :D And will so be seeing this film as soon as it comes out.

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Speaking of comics, I would have LOVED to go to Wizard World New Orleans this weekend, if, you know, I was a millionaire with diamonds on the souls of my shoes (a-wa a-wa) but since I can't, we have the next best thing: the lovely queenanthai is there and is sharing the experience with us! Woo! And you really don't want to miss her coverage - from her awesome choker to James Marsters singing Happy Birthday to her niece on video to the video shout-out to Made of Fail (and Kevin and Lore's engagement!) to A DELOREAN picture. Fun times! Thanks, Dayna!


And now, to Linkspam!

- Esoteric Curiosa is a blog that looks at random but interesting little bits of history. Neat read!

- And here's Atlas Obscura, which is another site of this sort.

- Curious Expeditions is another, and I love it. Here's a cool bit on The Many Shades of Haint Blue.

- And their Flickr account is awesome. Particularly this "courtroom scene" from a taxidermy-filled dive bar.

- They sometimes partner with the Observatory in Brooklyn for some interesting exhibitions and events.

- And in the vein of esoteric history, Elizabeth's Pirates from Channel 4.

- Or, if you are in the mood for random historical biography, how about reading up on Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard? The name alone makes him awesome, and then you get to the bits about exploration and adventuring and training wartime snipers. Duuuuude.

- Did I ever link The Periodic Table of Superpowers? I totally have this on the wall of my office.

- Speaking of io9, this is from last year, but it's still awesome: The greatest rant you'll see this week: World War II is full of plot holes, and the writers should all be fired.

- Here's one of my favorite Cracked articles (and one that made me visit about 12 other websites along the way because of all the interesting links): 10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums.

- By the way, it's interesting and sometimes amusing to read the Secret Service Codenames for various famous people or politicians.

- So, who here thinks Chris Sims is one of the funniest comics commentators out there? Who here doesn't know who he is? FOR SHAME. Well, here - if you've seen Smallville (or even if you haven't), I highly recommend his Smallville recaps. There's a whole list of other recapped episodes at the bottom of the Pilot recap. Woo!

- Speaking of comics, How to Make a Death from 'Sandman' Halloween Costume. (Also good for attending conventions. I'm just sayin'.)

- And along those lines, The Greatest Cosplay of New York Comic Con [Photos].

- And then there's Rorschach's Ink-Shifting Mask Becomes a Reality Via Fan Tutorial [Video]

- Or 5 Comic Book Halloween Costumes That Won't Objectify Women (And 5 That Will Objectify Men!)


And now we move on to a slew of Pratchett-y links, because, well--wait, seriously? If you are surprised at a slew of Pratchett links on my journal, then what are you even doing here? :P

- Yes, yes, it's from months ago, but Ian Stewart's Why I'm going to the Discworld convention in the Guardian's Books blog is still awesome. :)

- Aaaaand in other things from last year, did I ever link Sir Terry's speech at Trinity College Dublin? It's fantastic! (Although, yes, it is an hour long. Heh.)

- In random Terry things, Colin Morgan, one of the stars of Merlin, is a Pratchett fan. He should totally come to the convention! :)

- There's also a mention of a Pratchett book in an otherwise pedestrian Harry/Draco fanfic Google alerts randomly sent me, which I mention just because it's funny.

- What, you want me to go back to actual links of substance? Oh! :) Well here's Terry Pratchett on travel, writing and swearing at a PC.

- Or you can check out the highly fantastic Bernard Pearson talking about the "twinning" of Wincanton, UK with Ankh-Morpork. P.S. Have I mentioned how much I love the Pearsons? I want to adopt them as my adoptive aunt and uncle or grandparents or something. Hee.

- Or how about a BBC Meet the Author - Terry Pratchett interview on YouTube?

- And here's a clip talking about Terry Pratchett, the humanist. Which is interesting.

- Less serious, you say? Well there's always the performance of the Ankh-Morpork national anthem, as performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Clare Rutter. It is, naturally, called We Can Rule You Wholesale, and the lyrics are good for a chuckle.

- Or, for the more risque, there's the (NSFW! NSFW!) The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All.

- And of course there's a YouTube version. With...pictures. (Erm, also NSFW!)

- Okay, enough of that! :P Here's a review of Nation by Hank Green who was also one of the good folks involved in the Help Haiti Heal fundraiser a while back. Glad to see he's a Pratchett fan!

- And here's The Morporkian, a relatively new (unofficial) Pratchett news site that's been around just since October-ish. Could be very helpful, especially since From Rim to Hub disappeared in March of 2010.


Aaaaaand, that's it for now. I need some chocolate. :D

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@cleolinda: Today’s Writing Contest To Run Like Hell From

@cleolinda: Also, Section 12 of those contest rules: if you are mean to them on the internets, they will sue you. http://tinyurl.com/6xh7aea

@cleolinda: Seriously, I dare you. Come and do it. My Internet Lawyer is better than yours.

@cleolinda: ... maybe I should have actually consulted my Internet Lawyer before I said that.

@maureenjohnson: Perhaps we can ASK A LAWYER, @cleolinda? LAWYERS OF THE INTERNETS! Please tell us about THIS clause: http://tinyurl.com/6xh7aea

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First, because we here at Foresthouse Central can't bear to leave you hanging...


And while we're here:


In other, very exciting news, wonderful Marvel and Deadpool artist and Nice Dude Reilly Brown has donated an original Deadpool drawing to the charity auction for my eye surgeries. It is So. Awesome. <3 The auction runs until January 20. Check it out!

AND don't forget, most of the other current auctions end tomorrow at noon! LOTS of cool stuff!!


But only the topmost bestest linkspamination today!

--> Hear the Cybraphon's first song (see Bono-related Twitter link above for what the Cybraphon is).

--> Don't forget to laugh with Kevin at his Straight Guy Reviews of Bad Romance Novels, Part V of which just went up. Not only is it funny stuff, but Kevin's reactions to reading his first romance novel ever also are food for some good thoughts and discussions re: the genre in general and the perceived gender roles/norms/desires that are expressed through it. Crap, did I just make something awesome sound a bit dry and boring and like a college class? I didn't mean to! READ THEM THEY'RE FUNNY.

--> Everybody panic, you're no longer a [Pisces] [Libra] [Whatever You Are] and must now learn to accept that all the horoscopes you ever read were wrong! Even the one where you were going to win the lottery. Especially if you're actually an Ophiuchus now, which I can't even spell reliably yet.

*^$@ that noise, I was born a Pisces and I'm gonna stay one 'til the day I die.

...OH WAIT. Aquarii get to use the excuse that their horoscope calls them "eccentrics"?? It's like a Free Pass For Life to all the weird stuff I've ever said or done. I'LL TAKE IT.

...But...wait...I LIKE the two-fish-circling-each-other symbol. Also: water.

*&$%^@!! I'm so conflicted.

...No, no I'm not. PISCES FOREVER!!! *burns Aquarius flag*

P.S. YES, particle_person, Pluto is still a planet. FOREVER.

--> First Look at Chris Evans at Captain America. I approve of the costume! Also I like Chris Evans; he was the best part of Fantastic Four, except for all the scenes with Ioan Gruffudd, who is smokin'. But seriously: funny guy, good delivery, good looks (very!); looking forward to seeing what he does with Cap.

--> Han Solo's in Firefly?! Yes, yes he is, and it is awesome. Oh, Nathan Fillion and Firefly folks, I <3 you so.

--> How To Make Your (Online) Shopping Cart Suck Less

Just because: hee!

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Well you knew I'd keep going, didn't you?


Goodnight, Internets.

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So it's a'snowin' in Alabama right now, where friend cleolinda lives. And Alabama doesn't know what to do with snow, since they rarely see it; thus pretty much going into fearful hibernation when more than a few inches come along. To make it worse, this batch of slushy fun is snow AND ice. Thus, in case of loss of power on the home turf, Cleo decided to make me her Official Emergency Representative to let people on the internets know she's doing okay.

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So I was talking to cleolinda today, and in the middle of discussing completely unrelated things, I interrupted the conversation (yeah, we do that a lot) to tell her (because I had been idly looking at things through one eye and then the other, as you do sometimes (especially if you're me and have eyes that vary so much in quality of vision)) that I could now see three of the four sides of the picture frame on my wall, and about the other recent changes in my vision which may seem small individually, but when added up, are just a complete miracle to me. And she said, "I think you should write about that." And you know? I think I should. Because I know a lot of you have been following (and contributing to!!!) my surgery (and I am so grateful!), and while these changes are all little things, and maybe a bit hard to get across in text, they're so very, very important to me and to how much the surgery is changing my daily life.

Here's an example: I have a black-and-white photo on my wall, about 8 feet from my bed, that has a man leaning on a railing, with a criss-cross of window braces behind him. Several months ago, and for about 4-6 years prior to my surgery, I would not have been able to see the criss-cross pattern when looking through my uncorrected right eye. The reason for this is that the blocks of color making up those black lines on the white background were too thin to stand out from the rest of the scene (despite being about 1/4 of an inch thick). Now, however, I can see faint lines. Sure, they're still very blurry, and not as thick as they appear with perfect vision; but I can see them. Imagine that. Now imagine it incrementally applied to everything you see - for instance, the leaves of a spider-plant against a white wall. Before, I would be able to see that the thicker ones were there; now, though still blurred, I can count them all, even the thin ones. Accurately. I'm seeing things that, to me, for the last several years, weren't there at all. Like they were literally invisible to my uncorrected right eye. It's freaking amazing, for real.

Here's another example, both of how things have changed and how badly the keratoconus still affects my vision (because it's one thing to say my vision was 20/400 and now it's 20/70, woo!, but numbers are really just numbers and don't always portray how bad, or good, things are). The picture frame mentioned in the first paragraph is for another, larger picture on the wall. It's a charcoal drawing in a black frame over one inch thick. Before the surgery, I could barely see the frame. Now? I can see that three of the four sides of the frame are there. Sure, the fourth side is still not visible (it looks, instead, like the grey of the charcoal just blurs fuzzily into the white of my wall) but still. SO MUCH BETTER.

Also in my room, about 10 feet from my bed is a mirror. If I look into it while sitting on the bed, I can see myself and the picture window behind me, which has Venetian blinds. Before the surgery: I could not see the blinds when they were open, because the line of color-contrast was too thin for my eyes to pick up. Now? I can see the lines! Again, faint, and blurred - but they are there. In the same vein, but to highlight both the improvement and how bad my vision, sadly, still is; from that distance, looking at my own face with my right eye, before the surgery (and this is going to sound creepy, but I've been living with it for so long that seriously I didn't even think of it until telling someone else) I would not see a face at all. Have you ever seen that part in Avatar, the Last Airbender where he goes to visit Koh, the Face Stealer? And there's a monkey sitting outside the cave, and Aang is all, "Hi there, little guy," and then the monkey turns around and HE HAS NO FACE? Just a blank spot where the face would be? It's seriously creepy, right? Well with my right eye, that's pretty much what I'd see from 10 feet away when looking at another person. A blur that's clearly someone's head (albeit all blurry and inaccurately shaped), but that's it. Now, at the very least - I can see where a person's eyes and mouth are, because of the differences in shade (eyes are recessed, mouth is open, etc.). Maybe not a huge improvement when you consider there's still no real face. But a huge difference to me.

This difference also comes across with my new glasses lens. While my vision is still so bad that it can't be corrected even close to 100% with glasses (it's not just the number prescription with keratoconus, you see, but also the steep shape of the cornea that makes it impossible to correct with glasses after a certain point), now they can at least correct to the point where, looking through my right lens, I can see sharp lines. Sure, those sharp lines are still surrounded by blur - but at least they're there. Before, it was all just blur. So, for example, as I type this, a little over a foot from my screen, with my right eye I can *just* about make out the letters I'm typing, if I really try. They're still blurry, but there's at least enough line there to pick out the shape of the letter amidst the blur. Before the surgery? Just a black blob that could be identified as a paragraph - and that's with glasses on.

This improvement means, among other things, that after years of not being able to achieve perfectly normal vision even with hard contacts (which can correct more that glasses or soft contacts for keratoconus due to providing a fake proper "shape" for the cornea, with the gaps between the actual cornea and the contact then being filled in by the liquid in the eye), I may finally be able to see 100% again with contacts in. You see, before, even when my vision was good enough to see pretty close to 20/20, pass driving tests, etc. with my hard contacts in, it had not been 100% for at least the last 3 years - there's been a slight blur and/or light feedback on everything, at the very least, which not only is frustrating when trying to, say, read a sign from afar, but also results in headaches and eyestrain (and it would get even worse when I was tired). And that's what my eyes were like WITH contacts. But now, once my eyes are healed enough to try contacts again, there's a good chance I may see an improvement in this condition - because the surgery has somewhat lessened the steepness in the cornea that causes these problems!

You guys: I can't even quantify how much, but I am just SO EXCITED. Both by this prospect, and by all the little changes I have seen so far. And I just really wanted to share that with you.


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